Technically,  I'm no longer a bride...and throughout the wedding planning process I found it imperative to keep my other interests and passions healthy, breathing, and inspired.  So....I have kept a second blog:

This is where I revel in the sweet world of "newlywed" and of life in general. Here are a couple of my favorite newlywed posts:

fridge love - Tommy composes adorable messages for me with our magnet poetry set
our ikea - had an "interesting" ikea experience.
fancy orange - unwrapping wedding presents was fantastic.
smoky nights - the first meal we prepared as a married couple brought the fire department over!

I also dabble in exploring design and outfitting our new place....but mostly just dreaming about it.  Oh!  And traveling...I adore exploring (this is actually what I blog about the most!)

I love nature and quilting and art (oh my!)...and like to write about those too.

Come play.

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