Friday, July 17, 2009

diy: blue vintage mason jars (seriously)

I know. I found this and was skeptical too...but it looks legit...perhaps worth a try if you're so inclined. Had to post it...too creative not to!

Get all the DIY instructions here at Bridal Buzz:

-clear glass mason jar
-Vitrea 160 : Turquoise (which is a transparent color for glass and costs less than $5)
- Vitrea 160: Thinner
- fan brush
-small tupperware container
- oven

1. Clean the glass
2. Mix 1 pinky nail size scoop of Turquoise color with 1 dip of the fanbrush into the Thinner solution (do this mixing in a small tupperware container.)
3. turn jar upside down and using thin brush strokes, apply the paint with the fanbrush (it will look cloudy and streaky...but that's OK!)
4. let it set for 24 hours
5. after it sets, bake at 375 degrees for 40 min and let it cool all the way (your brush strokes will disappear during this process)

- the mixture you created at the beginning of the process makes enough to create 5 jars at a time, which makes this diy cheap cheap cheap!!
-genius! love it.


  1. That is crazy?!?! Never seen anything like it, but if it works, could be awesome!!

  2. This is freaking awesome - who knew. Thanks for the idea, will definitely be saving this!

  3. I have some antique jars that are that color. What a neat idea to treat regular jars!!! Have you tried it? When you do let me know, this is cool.

  4. This is such a great idea, perfect for all the brides out there wanting blue mason jars! If this works it's perfect!! I'll definitely be trying this!!

  5. Thanks for reposting our tutorial, we appreciate the love! If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

  6. Wow! I found many clear mason jars at antique stores and several turquoise ones. I was planning on having a mix, but with this option they could all be the same color if I wanted them to. Very nice!

  7. This works!!!!...I did 23 of these jars and they came out really well......saved alot of money !!! Thanks

  8. I used this method on small bud vases and it worked great! The mixture recipe is off though, it took much more than just a dab to do one small vase - more like 1 part colored paint, 2 parts thinner.

  9. Tried this at home too! Unfortunately, the paint streaks didn't disappear after being removed from the oven...maybe I'm doing something wrong? They're still very pretty, but I just hope no one looks too closely at them!

  10. Hey just wanted to let you know that I used your original link on my post...I saw that u left a message and wanted to make sure you knew that....thanks for stopping by...:)



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