Monday, June 22, 2009

weeds + mason jars = fantastic

Got give it up to my girl Linda who sent me this link from her current home in Brazil!

Aren't these fantastic? Simple, and green,and perfectly summer. I really love how clean and pretty the presentation is. Who knew weeds could look so chic?


  1. You'd be surprised at the beauty of almost anything growing when placed in a jar or vase. There really aren't very many ugly plants!

    I worked at a place that used to have large events fairly often. One time a huge floral arrangement arrived and it wasn't very nice. So, a co-worker who had once worked in her family's florist business, went outside and cut a bunch of shrubbery to add to it and it looked amazing.

  2. my plant just recently died. i should try this!

  3. This looks so pretty! Hmmm that's a pretty good idea. Might have to try that out in the jars I've been collecting, if I can get Crash to stop using them as glasses...

  4. I've been trying to think of a way to incorporate mason jars, and I like this! With it being in a log cabin I want a cheap way to bring the outdoors in... this may work like a charm.

    Also Jess, I did a blog post to answer some of your questions about what I found in Flagstaff. It can be a hard place to figure out long distance! Hope it helps.

    To the Flagstaff Brides

  5. This is why I'm convinced that I don't need elaborate arrangements on my tables. I love this!

  6. As someone who's remarkably bad a growing things, I salute your weed-rangements. I suspect that's all I'll have to work with. Once I have a yard, I mean. Am I getting ahead of myself?

  7. Great idea. Some say weeds are just flowers without a press agent. I think all kinds of greens can make handsome floral arrangements and local plants can pay homage to a particular landscape or site...and are often free. Bonus!

    From past experience I would suggest giving them a trial run as cut flowers for a couple of hours. Some plants have great survival instincts and the moment they feel threatened (by being cut)...or in some cases, feel that they are in a great position to reproduce (by being placed in water) they will dump their lovely seeds all over your lovely tablecloth as soon as you turn your back. Others droop and wilt after an hour or so.

  8. My son picks me the most beautiful weeds that are flower-like and we always put them in mason jars. I love the simple look!

    Anything looks good in a vase!




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