Saturday, August 22, 2009

etsy bridal browsing

When I get stressed, a lil shopping session usually calms my nerves...and I have no idea why that is. I spent some time on Etsy today - browsing all the beautiful handmade creations made with love by people all over the world. Found some fancies I'd love to share...

Kirsten Kuehn Designs - can we say spectacular here? I'm loving this bedazzled sash. I can picture it looking smashing on my super simple dress. It's my new fave bridal belt.

Quirky Beauty - This Etsy boutique has some AMAZING new hair pieces in their bridal collection...and I was quite taken with this new beaded necklace! (FYI: They now offer free shipping to anywhere in North America.)

Dana Gils - I wonder how I missed this radical gem? Because this is amazing. I just love how Dana Gils captures faces...I've been eying some of her pieces for awhile now...and these custom bridal portraits are spectacular!

Feathers & Frills - check out this ethereal look. Perfect for a mountain wedding - don't you think?

Elizabeth Dye - my very favorite wedding designer. Period. And I'm loving bolero's more and more...this one is just so sweet!

Beth Cyr - I know I know...I talk about her beauties all the time...but I just love her. These are reclaimed sterling silver Hoops for $32 -what a steal!

Megan Hamilton - clutches are so fun....and one in winter white might is my next "must" (the pretty tweed makes this one a lil more special!)

Midori Designs - Gardenias are such an elegant flower. This looks so lifelike it's hard to believe it's crafted out of clay! This hair flower is a real treasure...especially for around $20!

The Sparrows Nest - $12.50 can buy me a set of these crazy adorable ivory maple leaf hair pins. My Grammie's house, was on a quaint street named Maple. Every summer we would collect all the maple leaves we could, and press them between waxed paper to bring them back to Arizona. Love my childhood memories.

Beyond the Rockz - My Guy gets to pick out his own wedding ring, obviously. But if I got to pick it out, this is the one I'd pick. It's made from recycled metal - and would looks so dang good on him.

Tina Tarnoff - A zillion people I know are having babies right now...and I love that! (Miss Meg is due any second now...yay!). I love the idea of decorating children's rooms with enchanting images like this origina; papercut out.


  1. ah, shopping is my stress-reliever, too! love those beth cyr silver hoops... i just lost my fave pair of hoops. hope you're feeling better about your impending journey!

  2. Did you love boleros more and more after seeing that wedding on Sara Neal's blog? That bride looked so cute in the lace one.

  3. nice pics! wedding jewelry and accessories are always so beautiful! (just found your blog from a post on Twitter!)

  4. Great choices!! I made a TON of etsy picks for my wedding last month and blogged about them here...



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