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fave baby names

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I've already mentioned that I love classic names, ones that are easy to pronounce, have a tinge of old fashioned history embedded within them, and yet aren't allll over the mainstream baby name market.  In reality, I LOVE LOVE names that have family ties...I'll be sharing my fave family names in a different post.

Obviously, I will not be sharing the top ONE or TWO names on my list (as we want to keep our baby's name a secret until her birth!) but I would love to share with you some of my favorites.  Most of my favorites were immediate vetoes from Tommy - they might very well be vetoes from you as well!!  Baby names are quirky like that. 

My favorite girl names in no particular order:

Eliza (oh how I LOVE the name Eliza!)
Vivian  (Viv)
Amelia  (Millie)
Penelope  (Penny)
Piper (umm...not classic or old fashioned, but I love it just the same)

And when I think of "boy" names, I follow the same rules.  Easy to pronounce, easy to spell...and not entirely mainstream, but not off the wall (you know?).    And what I find myself doing with boy names is that I shorten them up to one syllable anyway...apparently I dig that.  I dunno.

Jack (I do hope someday to have a Jack!)
Russell (Russ)
Patrick (Pat)

Do you have favorite baby names!??  Do share!!


  1. Huh. Right now my fave name is Eliza. Funny that you love it, also. Cora has always been on my list as well. I also love Elizabeth (could be Eliza for short). The soft sounding names like Harlow or Harper get me everytime to.

    Great choices. : )

  2. My grandmother's name was Violet and I would love to use that for a middle name. Or use her maiden name which was Gray as a middle name. I like the names Ella and Amelia as well.

  3. Ooh, I have a lot of baby names stacked up. Several that I love and will never get to name my own kids...just because they don't flow or I have other ones I love more. Girl: Reagan, Estella, Manessah, Adair, Emerson. Boy: Wynn, Dempsey, Destrey, Deaton, Jack.

  4. Ah! I love, love to talk about baby names. I don't know how I will ever decide once i reach this chapter in my life. I have several friends who are naming their daughters Greta. I read that it is a name that is on the rise, and i couldn't believe it. It's really growing on me. I love Ella and Ellie too. I also recently read the name Lisbeth and thought it was so pretty and unique without being off the wall.

    I was so shocked to see Rhett on your boys list! I love that name, but my hubby's name is Bret, so that might be a little odd. I also love the name Rex. It just sounds athletic to me, but I guess it also sounds like a dinosaur. My top boys names are Tommy (you already have one!) and Teddy (my grandpa's nickname). I can't WAIT to hear what you choose for your little girl!

  5. I just noticed Fay on your list! That is the cutest ever! love it! Friends of ours just named their daughter Kasey Mae. Love Mae too!

  6. sorry for blowing up your comments, but this was a great article. The info at the bottom is really intersting!


  7. I love Amelia (milly)...one of my faves!

  8. Instead of Amelia and like Amelie....almost liek emily but with an A....I met a woman with that name when I was living in Germany and i love it :)...I also really like Ruby wich I think is classic but the man and I have decided to name out daughter (if we have one) Ozella Nanette after both our grandmas cause we love them dearly :)....as for boys I like Hayden, tresston, harrison, and dartagnon (like the musketeer) the one's the man likes are even weirder! :) I also really like the name Hazel, my cousins are naming there little girl that :)

  9. We used to make up names of twins by categories:
    Flowers: Cosmos and Marigold
    Herbs: Basil and Rosemary
    Building Trades: Mason and Galzier
    Fabrics: Corduroy (Roy) and Velvet

    Then it started deteriorating:
    Decorative Arts: Cabriole and Ormolu
    (Ormolu still makes me laugh)

    Then further deteriorating ...
    Paving Surfaces: Asphalt and Macadam
    Elizabethan instruments: Sackbut and Crumhorn

  10. Oh no... you and another post-er like cora?! Is this name going to get popular? Its our #1 girls name by far. Great names...we'll have to write down the others.

  11. I love the name Piper so much. It has a pixie-esque quality to it that is so endearing to me.

    I also really like (politics aside), all of Sarah Palin's kids names because they're legit names that speak to their life experiences in Alaska. And yeah, one of them is Piper.

  12. I like Amelia shortened to Mia, like my new cousin and a friend's new fiancee. My personal favorite girl name: Naomi. Boy name: Levi. I think my MOT status is showing :-P

  13. i'm totally with you on how baby names can hit people funny. when i saw penelope, i told my husband about it and he was like, "eh" but i think i'm going to push for it! (as a second girl's name - we've already got #1's name)

  14. Ahhhh! My baby names are on your list! Amelia (Milly) and Max! I also like Juliette for a girl and Blair for a boy :)

  15. We have similar "tastes" when it comes to baby names.

    Girl names I like: Emily, Anna, Ella, Elizabeth, Kate.

    Boy names I like: Drew, Peter, Gray, Matt.


  16. I love pretty much all your girls names - fab choices! I can't wait to hear what your chosen name is for your little one. And I totally agree - the best are old fashioned one that aren't in the mainstream. And I instantly think about what they'd be shortened to too! xx

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  18. Ooh, I love Greta. I go through baby names for my blog - names4real.wordpress.com and I would love to see more Greta's. I also really like Cora, Penelope, Eliza, and Hazel.

  19. Amelia is top of my list right now. Only because Lydia keeps telling me if she has a baby sister she wants to call it "Amy". I think it's cute how bent on it she is.

  20. Favourite names for me
    Girls: Siddah, Bria, Briar, Fae, Aja, Acacia, Sadie, Josie
    Boy: Seth, Kade, Xander(or Zander), Xavier, Axel, Boa



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