Tuesday, March 15, 2011

library walls

The most amazing bookcase I've ever seen.  Ever.  Found here.

Last week I posted the bookcase in our baby's nursery.  I love that it is a front facing case, so the colorful covers of all the books are easily visualized...my favorite way to display children's books.  This design makes them SO EASY to browse!  These kiddo friendly book displays are visually stunning to my eye....as children's books tend to be beautiful with their whimsical and colorful book cover designs.

These are some of the bookcases I've seen around the web that make me weak in the knees.  Umm..yes...for some reason bookcases do tend to make me all sappy and weak in the knees. 

Nifty color coding...but I like the utilization of this corner space...found here.
Found here....this article is where I got the term, "library wall."  I like that.

Not a built in...but a rad lil option.  Don't remember where I picked this lil image up.


  1. I want this for my house! I love how the colourful books look like artwork! What a lucky little boy or girl to have this in their nursery/room!


  2. These are all so great! Any kid would love one of these. (I'm amazed you're up and blogging, with your lovely baby just a few days old! Take care.)

  3. Now I want a front-facing bookcase for grownup books! Never knew such a thing existed.

  4. Saving this in my inspiration folder, now that I'm pregnant I need this!

  5. These bookshelves are so inviting, as the little ones grow, throw down some floor pillows and they're good to go. I saw this and thought of you, http://girlinair.blogspot.com/2011/03/make-tree-bookshelf.html

  6. I love display-style bookshelves so much! My only complaint is that they don't seem to hold quite as many books as traditional bookshelves. Have you found that to be true of yours?


  7. I am totally in love with the last picture you posted... it would be perfect for Peyton! I just found it at www.shopping.com I might have to get it for her bday!

  8. These are awesome...love, love, love!!

  9. This is so inspirational!! I love that the walls are literally BOOKS from floor to ceiling--well done! I tweeted, pinned, and stumbled your post. I also featured you on my blog today. Here is the link:


    Have a great day!



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