Tuesday, March 8, 2011

baby's bookcase

our cute lil nook...in need a proper rocking chair and some wall art - but those will come later :-)

We lucked out when we moved into our new apartment last fall - lots of perks like a nice big kitchen, great open layout and second bedroom with a small built in bookcase.  I am such a fan of beautiful bookcases.  *Sigh*

When I was growing up with had huge bookcases in our living room FULL of childrens books.  Literally, hundreds and hundreds of books.  Hundreds.  My mom is a book fanatic, and cannot resist a beautifully illustrated children's book!  We were lucky kiddos to be surrounded by so many lovely imagination sparklers. 

The bookcase in our nursery has a few books...mostly from my mom....who started sending us pretty books in October.  Yes.  October.  And she likes to send the "toy" that goes with the book - so there are qutie a few little treasures up on those bookshelves too. 

Tommy purchased a couple of the cutest books.  He received a gift card to Barnes and Noble for Christmas, and instead of buying any of the bazillion books he's wanted, he bought a couple books for his daughter.  He went and read reviews about different new children's books and selected an  Olivia book and Charlie Parker Played Be Bop.   I thought  this was the cutest thing in the whole entire world.  He didn't even tell me he did this - so I came home one day and there were two new books in the case.  So sweet.  He's going to be such a great daddy.

I was huge Madeline fan as a kiddo - I used to read those books to my baby sister over and over.  What were your fave children's books??


  1. Lady, when I first saw this picture I thought it was taken from some stylish interior site...you've done such a fab job with this little nook. Books were (and are) always so important to us when we were growing up. My Mum's the biggest book fanatic too.
    And, once again, how freakin cute is that husband of yours. xx

  2. Love it!

    A favourite in my house growing up was Goodnight Moon. We loved finding the mouse on each page! Which never seemed to get old.. you'd think we'd learn where he was but apparently we weren't too bright ;)

  3. Adorable. Aren't you supposed to be having a baby today? It was supposed to be Tuesday and this is Tuesday, right?

  4. Every kid I've baby sat for goes NUTS for that Charlie Parker book, no idea why! My fave book when I was little was kind of obscure, called Albert the Running Bear...I think it was bc there was lots of descriptions of junk food in it, haha!
    Other faves include Mickey and Night Kitchen, Where the Wild Things Are and Outside Over There...Eeeeeek, you're SOOOO close!!!

  5. What a nice little bookcase! Very inviting. I had so many favorite books when I was little. Number one was a beautifully illustrated book called A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams. The Henry and Angus (series) written by Mark Taylor about a little boy that goes on adventures with his dog Angus. The illustrations are so colorful. Tall Book of Make-Believe which was my mother's and is really hard to get your hands on now unfortunately. But the illustrations are fanciful, really sparked my imagination as a kid. I realy liked Madeline too. Sam and the Firefly by P.D. Eastman, The Golden Mountain by Willi Baum and Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel were also some of my favorites

  6. What a phenomenal bookcase! It's so warm + inviting. Who wouldn't want to read with a nook like that in the house?




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