Sunday, August 17, 2014

We replaced our wedding rings.

Technically, we replaced our wedding rings.  My wedding/engagement ring was a 14K white gold eternity band (and I love love loved it!). Tommy's was a titanium band.  Unfortunately, we had nothing but skin reaction after annoying skin reaction with those rings.  Like, red, chapped, bleeding, itchy, gross reactions.  I would have to get mine re-dipped in the white gold "complex" every 6 months and it was a pain.  So we decided to upgrade.

It was a big day.  I WAS GIDDY.  Got myself a super skinny platinum band with half band of teeny diamonds.  Tom got a slim band of platinum.  We were jazzed.  It was our Christmas, anniversary, and birthday gifts to each other for the next year.  Platinum is expensive!  Wowza.

Then.  Two days later, I let Clara hold my ring.  She had never asked to look at my rings before.  I didn't even thing anything of it.  But somehow 5 minutes later my ring was gone.  Long gone.  I kid you not we tore our entire house apart.   No luck.  Gone.

My husband, not 3 days later lost his.  He was putting sun screen on and put his ring on the top of his car and then drove away.

What are the chances?

Now I'm wearing an old silver band.  We ended up finding Tommy's ring after scouring the gravel lot for a few hours.  Goodness.  Fortunately, Beth Cyr is having a heck of a deal for a pair of platinum rings.  Go check out her smokin' deal here...then say a prayer for me and Tom that we win it.

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  1. O, Jes! It's a story that you'll laugh about eventually but I can imagine it hurts a bit right now.

    That Tom is quite a guy...losing his ring so that you and Clara wouldn't feel bad about losing yours.



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