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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

clara's play kitchen

back during her obsession with wearing, she HATES shoes. 

I was obsessed with looking for play kitchens for Clara.  I even blogged about it a few times.   I have no idea why I was so driven...but I was.  I was scouring Craigslist every few days for any sort of lead...not a whole lot of options in our town.  But I didn't give up.

I was picky though.  I hate that I am about such things.  But I had a wish list that I wasn't going to deviate from.

1.  It had to be made out of wood
2.  I wanted it to have a sink component, a stove component and an oven component.  (A refrigerator would have been a great storage bonus too!)
3.  It had to look nice in our home, as it was going to be a part of our dining room...we could have opted to put it in Clara's bedroom, but I wanted to watch her play with it and having it be a part of our main living space meant that we would all enjoy it so much more (we aren't a "kids toys belong in the kids bedroom" home)
4.  HAD to cost less than $100.  (this was the tricky part)

THEN after months and months of searching....I found it.  A cheerful little retro red number...with a stove, sink, oven, microwave and fridge all in one (made by Kidcraft).  It fit perfectly into the space we had set aside for it...AND it came with lots of Melissa & Doug food and wooden cooking utensils.  All for under $80 (which isn't that far off from the actual retail price...but I was happy to buy it used and save a few bucks.)  Sure we had to drive an hour each way to pick it the the RAIN...but we did.  And it is perfect.

Clara plays with it everyday.  Can name alllll the foods she has (including random things like mushrooms and eggplant?).  A great addition to our little home!

Friday, August 17, 2012

ikea play kitchen

Duktig Mini Kitchen from Ikea - about $100

I may be a LOT late in posting this.  Unfortunately we don't have an Ikea anywhere near it's not a store that we frequent or get to explore often.  I had a friend fill me in that cheap and sleek Ikea has a play kitchen...and it's CUTE.

For $100!  I like that it wouldn't stick out like Disneyland in our living room/kitchen area in our home.  I want to watch my little one play with her kitchen and if we ended up getting a hot pink kitchen I'm sure I wouldn't have even cared for longer than 5 minutes!  But still...

There isn't a refrigerator component, which is a slight bummer.  But this looks awesome.

Friday, May 25, 2012

my childhood play kitchen

Was browsing Craigslist this weekend for a play kitchen.  None available in our town...but nearby in Syracuse there were quite a few.  I went nuts when I saw the EXACT play kitchen that my sisters and I had growing up!  I can't even tell you how many random memories started flooding my brain when I saw it - I was kinda freaking out.

Hours and hours and hours my sisters and I would play with that kitchen.  We played the colors right off!

It was a Christmas gift when we were preschool aged (I was maybe 4?).  Best Christmas gift ever.  I remember closing our  eyes and our parents pulled it into the living room from a hiding place...we went CRAZY when we saw it!  (No really...I do remember that!) parents were the best. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

folding retro play kitchen

My quest for a play kitchen for Clara continues.  I came across this nifty children's play kitchen...THAT FOLDS UP.  Seems pretty genius for those of us that live in small spaces...or who move a lot.'s cool looking.  Why is everything "retro" so extra awesome?  This is only about $ of the more affordable play kitchens I've seen!  (I did read some of the reviews that don't exactly rave about the quality of the wood or that's something to think about too.)  See it here.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

play kitchen quest

I've been browsing for a sweet little play kitchen for Clara.  I'd love to give her one for Christmas...or her 2nd birthday.  (Ummm...yes she just turned technically I have a year to actually find one...some might think this is a tad early....but whatever.  I like to explore.)

I was at Toys R Us this weekend.  Their collection of play kitchens was rather extensive...but they were all plastic...not exactly what I envisioned.  I want something super sturdy...and well aesthetically appealing...preferably wooden?  And husband and I cannot make it has been suggested to me in the past.  We don't even own tools...or have a "work space" available to us...ugh...someday.)

I'll start tracking my favorites.  I found a now defunct Etsy shop, BlueEyedYonder, that sold the CUTEST little kitchens.  But I'm so bummed they are no longer in business!!  Do you know of any crafters that offer a similar product?


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