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Tommy and I are actively engaged in trying to make our lives more environmentally is something that takes effort and commitment.  We aren't perfect, and being eco-friendly isn't always the easiest, for affordable option and we fall short.  However, we are in it for the long haul.  We want a safer, cleaner eco-system...we want our trees and streams and oceans to be beautiful forever.  Here, you will find some of the small things we did to make a smaller footprint in celebrating our wedding.

Coming soon:   a list of resources for eco friendly ideas we loved!

These are some of the elements we embraced for our wedding:

100% recycled invitations through an environmentally friendly stationary shop, Earthly Affair.

Guest favors were handmade organic birdseed ornaments designed to feed the birds, by Nature Favors.

The boutonnieres were made from hemlock cones that fell in a family member's front yard!

We opted to use a wedding website to collect RSVP's instead of the traditional mail route.

My wedding gift to my husband was a crazy quilt filled with fabrics from our childhood clothes, old clothes, and fabric scraps.

We collected our old glass jars for a year to hold our centerpiece flowers in.

My mom and I thrifted dozens and dozens of glass and crystal candlesticks for the centerpieces (um 93 to be exact...yea...we went overboard).

I reused burlap table runners that I was gifted from a bloggy friend who used them in HER wedding!

We decorated our aisle with fallen pinecones.

Our table identifiers were a collection license plates we already had in our home (that we backed with our old worn Atlas, and added pictures from our past adventures that we already had!)

We helped our out of town friends organize car pooling to/from airports, wedding, and rehearsal dinner (mega cost saving as well.)

We served our venue's own special brew in our open wine/beer bar (instead of this was a fun option!)

More to come!

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