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Thursday, May 27, 2010

victory #16: our guestbook

Ohmygosh I love how our guestbook came out!  Like - love love it!  Wahoo!  A friend of mine had their engagement session printed up into a photo book and had their guests sign that.  Perhaps you've seen that at weddings?  Well, wouldn't you know I somehow got a code for a *free* photobook?  I  think I got it from signing up for something somewhere along the way...perhaps at a bridal convention?  Anyway, we ordered a Shutterfly photo book of our engagement session last Monday.  And it is just spectacular. It's totally narcissistic...yes yes...I know...but...whatever.

Originally, we were going to go along with the whole "Polaroid Picture" guestbook - an idea I found in blogland and became instantly addicted to.  I even got myself a dope Polaroid camera!  But as our guest list slowly increased...I realized we needed a LOT of film.  More film than we could really afford.  I had no idea how pricey polaroid film is.  Whoa.

I was a little bummed that this wouldn't work out - I thought the idea was RAD!   Up until last Monday we were still gonna go for it.  But...the reality of our budget hit I realized there were other things that we could use that money to pay for.  It's SOOOOO easy to want to give into the whims of the wedding world.  It's hard to pull away.

There are about a zillion different places on the web to make an engagement photo book.  Some photographers sell them along with the engagement session - but from what I've seen they can be rather expensive.  I used Shutterfly, and it was easy - and the product came out beautifully!!  I've ordered photo books from Kodak before too, and they had beautiful cover options, but I liked Shutterfly's paper/layout design selection better.   Those are my 2 cents.  (Plus, with my coupon code, I only had to pay a few bucks in shipping...which rocks my face off...and by making a new Shutterfly account, we automatically got 40 free prints or something amazing!)

Did you have a guestbook?

*note:  I appreciate all the nice comments some of you left for me yesterday.  REALLY.  Little funks are few and far between, but when they just effs up the whole day.  Today I looked in the mirror and felt like I was glowing :-)  And the huge zit on my chin was gone.  Ha!!  I love you bloggy friends.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

victory #15: our diy boutonnieres

I forgot all about the boutonnieres until this past Saturday whilst on the mission to find our card holder.  I walked into the plastic flower section at Michael's and "ohhh yeaaa" happened.

Tommy and I talked about boutonnieres once - we decided it would be rad to incorporate something that made 'em make 'em us.  We liked the idea of using hemlock cones that we collected last spring from my Aunt and Uncle's Seattle front yard.  The Pacific northwest is our favorite region of the country, and it's where we would love to live someday....our vacations there are always so inspiring and wonderful.  We wanted to bring a piece of those dreams, of that place, of our adventures, to our wedding.

So I had a jar of hemlock cones...and florist tape.  Nothing else. 

I spent about an hour meandering around Michael's this idea how to freaking make a idea where to start...or what to use.  Even though I studied the DIY directions from blogland.  All the plastic greenery looked so... well... plastic.  I went home with no clue of what to do.

I ended up dismantling a large bouquet of dried flowers I purchased at Pike's Place last year.

Yay!  The bouts turned out AMAZING!  Once I got the stuff all collected, it took me 15 minutes to whip 'em up!!  I just hope that they don't smush into a million they are rather fragile!!

But, seriously, I'm proud of myself.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

victory #14: flowers

noooo my flowers aren't like this...but I think this bouquet has some serious pizazz.

After hours and hours of different flower scenarios floating through my head making me half batty...I finally settled down...took a few deep breaths...and ordered our blooms.  Yippeeee!!

Having a destination wedding is a tad tricky for things like flowers.  With the wild and weird weather that hits Arizona, I can't quite depend on the Flagstaff farmer's market in late May to have flowers for our shin dig.  Plus, finding an affordable florist in an area I don't live in was really really tricky.  For me, it was impossible.  If I had loads of time to make calls, email back and forth, make a special trips up the mountain for might have been a different story. 

So the day before the wedding, we'll be the "flower girls"...prepping, arranging, and popping them in glass jars.

I picked garden roses and ranunculus.  Then added some wild-esque types like hypericium berries, thistle, asters, and bupleurium. 

I feel so good about this.  My heart is calm.  The calm before the storm perhaps?

*note:  we went with 50flowers because I have friends in real life and in blog life that were very happy with them  :-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

victory #13: my shoes

I have yet to tell you about my shoes.

I wanted yellow.  Not a bright sunshiny yellow...but a darker mustard yellow...and since I can't typically wear heels for longer than an hour or two...I really loved the idea of rocking flats. can I walk on the nature trails with my love that day if I wear heels?

And then I changed my mind and fell in love with dark teal....and thought teal shoes would be really cool.

So what did I buy?

A pair of royal blue Nina heels.  Random.  Yes.  I know.

They happen to be wicked comfortable (umm...welllllllll...they were comfortable when I put them on in the store, and that doesn't always equate to actual "real life" we'll see).  I wasn't looking for shoes while I was out that day...they just sorta jumped at me.  The price was right.   So I bought them.  Even though they weren't yellow or teal...umm...or flats.  They are blue....and they are heels.  (A lil weird right?)  I guess this solidifies the fact that I'm a compulsive shopper...instead of hunting for "just the one most perfect thing" I grab what will work and move on.  Except our flowers....hummm....I thought long and hard about the flowers. 

I fully realize that my heels will get stuck in the earth as I enjoy all that is rustic Flagstaff...maybe I'll pick up a pair of those heel guard things.  Whatevs.

I probably won't wear these shoes much after the wedding.  (They happen to match my blue graduation I will get to wear them four days after the wedding for that....but then...I dunno.)  See, I do believe in good shoewear...I do invest in Dankso' I wear to work everyday.  Therefore, I chose not to go overboard with a pair of pricey pumps I might only wear once or twice...ever.   

One more thing I get to cross off the "to do" list.  

*note: if you are wondering about the random signage that my shoes are stepping all over in these's our coffee table.  I picked up a wonderful art book of vintage pharmaceutical advertisements at a used bookstore...cut them out...arranged them...and then applied a liquid epoxy to the top...which hardened to a flat shiny plastic surface.  Oh...and then I painted the rest of the table a bright red.  It kinda rules.  Anyway...that's that.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

victory #12: bigfoot bbq

Tommy and I made a quick trip up to Flagstaff earlier this year to check out the mad fab cuisine at Bigfoot BBQ for our "welcome dinner." Their prices are fantastic, and it's in a funky area of downtown Flagstaff that we thought could be perfecto to welcome our fam and friends to the area.

We were right.

The food was CRAZY YUM. Holy cow. We ordered one of everything on the menu to see what we like most for our big dinner. In the end, it doesn't matter. It all rocked. I've never been so full in my life. It was so good. Tommy had to roll me out of that place.

The only problem is - how many people we can fit in. They can't accommodate more than 50 people. SO. We might have to hold our breath for lovely weather and have the event catered outside at a park, or ask guests to stagger their attendance (can you do that? I'm not sure you can do that? anyway.) 

...attractive...I know...real attractive...

Friday, April 2, 2010

victory #11: samyii cake toppers

Once I stumbled upon Samyii on Etsy...I knew Tommy and I had to "become" little wooden figures with clay hair. For $40 these totally personalized handmade cake toppers are a freaking BARGAIN! (especially since so many of the customizable cake toppers on Etsy are upwards of $100!)  And these are SO CUTE...and in real life they are even more adorable.  (and they fit in so sweetly into the little crevices between books in our bookcase that I know we'll keep 'em around a looooooooong time...remember...sentimental freak here).

Mine has freckles. I'm obsessed.  Really.

I sorta want to create our whole bridal party out of them, and our families too. And play games like Shoots & Ladders...or chess. (ummm... IF I knew how to play chess.)

I'm excited!

Monday, February 15, 2010

victory #10: my dress

Meet my dress.

Creamy off white. 100% silk chiffon. Crinkle texture. Strapless. Simple.

She may not be glam...but she will work just fine for our small forest wedding.

Plus, I have enlisted the help of an A-lister to jazz her up a bit. More on that later.

*pictures from my bridal shots from last summer...via A Sophisticated View

Friday, January 22, 2010

victory #9: dj

Tommy dancin' with the flowergirl


We found a hip young local guy to bring our party to life :-) He has a phat music collection, will download music on the spot during the party, has incredible sound equipment ...will do the sound for the ceremony site and reception, and is an all around cool dude. Oh. And was in our budget.


I took some suggestions from you fine ladies and inquired if he would consider a discount if we paid for everything in cash up front. Turns out this is something that he does quite frequently. So. Hello radical discount.

And Tommy really wanted lights...(who knew?) so we will have lights. Umm...and there is a fog machine...I dunno if we really need all that...but it's there if we want.

I have to tell you that just doing general searches for a DJ online didn't get me anywhere. The difference was asking for referrals from people "in the know". For example, I asked friends/brides in the area for DJ suggestions, our venue coordinator suggested a couple different companies, and the party planner at the hotel gave me a couple numbers (she led us to our GUY!)

I'm just relieved we don't have to download all the music we would want to play via the iPod route - some people have patience for that. We don't. :-)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

victory #9: bridesmaid gifts

I know everyone thinks they have good taste. Everyone. But really - I commissioned something truly amazing...terribly magical...and entirely fitting for my gift to my ladies.

I'm very proud of myself :-)

I'll have to share with you after the wedding - I can't blow details like that. But I can brag about accomplishing it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

victory #8: our party

The phone calls have been made to the boys and my request invitations have been received by my girls. And collectively, our bridal party has confirmed with a big hearty, heart-felt, enthusiastic YES! Originally, we were going to keep our wedding party very small...only family. However, after much deliberation, we determined that we would rather marry with these special people standing with us.

Five on my side. Five on his side. Party on!

Monday, September 28, 2009

victory #6: stationary

So many choices. Probably too many choices when it comes to stationary. I'm a sucker for brilliant visual stimulation...and the texture of fine paper gives me goosebumps! How on Earth were we going to select a design? a paper type? a printing company? Omg.

I could, I honestly could, look at stationary for hours. Hours. How do you sift through it all?, Besides beautiful design, and obvious cost, the most important element to us was the environmental impact of it all. My Guy has implemented a recycling program at the school in which he teaches...he takes public transportation almost exclusively (even though he has a vehicle), and he has a real heart for making our world sustainably sound. *sigh* He's so dreamy.

It was easy for us to chose Earth Friendly Invitations for our printing company. They offer the best of both worlds - beautiful designs with amazing eco-friendly commitments!

Listen to why they are amazing for us and our planet:
- offset co2 emissions from their shipments via
- donate to environmental projects
- pledge to recycle/reuse everything possible
- create an energy efficient business office
- compost/recycle leftover paper scraps
- reuse shipping supplies
- use quality, recycled paper

AND they have many lovely designs! I'm ecstatic!! Now the REAL hard part will be selecting which design to adopt as our own....and then what color scheme we want...and script...and composition. Ha! Thankfully this company makes this whole process simple and clean.

Lovely style + eco friendly = our kinda company.

I'm so happy!

Monday, September 14, 2009

victory #5: cake

this looks yummmmmy...recipe from Saffron & Blueberry

My friends rule. Honestly. They do.

Especially Christine. I've known her since college where we worked together for a couple years...and lived down the hall from each other (we were RA's!). I was honored to be in her wedding a couple of years ago :-)

Christine is one of those "jack of all trades" type of woman. Not only is she an elementary school educator, a mommy to Luke (...who is the freaking most adorable kiddo ever to walk the planet), a wife, a brand new business owner, a crafter (like whoa), and a blogger...but she is also a pro cake baker/decorator. Do you see where I am going with this?

I have my Cake fairy!

Of course, we don't have design yet...and clearly haven't nailed down so much as a flavor. But she has ideas...and you all know My Guy and I have ideas. :-)

I'm just so thrilled to know that our dear friend will be hand creating our celebratory desert! Sometimes I just sit back in amazement and admiration for all of the lovely powers our loved ones are infusing into our marriage celebration.

Friday, September 4, 2009

victory #4: wedding website

I accomplished so many "wedding things" before I came to New England...thank goodness. My list was a mile long, as I won't be doing any planning from 3000 miles away...and I was intimidated as hell. So, I busted out the Sharpy to draw fat black lines through my accomplishments. It worked. Got everything done. (even my jaunt to the post office the morning our road trip began).

One thing that I had been terrified to attempt was our wedding website. I've seen them online...and noticed that some are definitely better than others. Clearly, I would want ours to be rather lovely. Yet I didn't want to spend weeks and weeks laboring over it's creation, nor did I want to spend 1 cent on it as there are so many free sources. I also wanted to complete it in a couple of hours. Well, Sunday afternoon came and my entire weekend "to do" list was completed with an exception of one item...the website. So I sat down and decided to only allow myself 20 minutes of bridal blog research to find the easiest website I could.

So I went to 10,000 Wedding. I remembered reading a post about her wedding website a long while back...and that was the extent of my research. I used the same wedding website she used. How uber creative of me...I know I know.

It is

It was super SUPER easy. I was a lil bummed we didn't get a fancy domain name...but then I got over it. It was free. Crazy easy. Had a zillion designs to choose from, in a zillion colors...features like photo galleries, and song downloads...and did I mention it was easy?

My Guy composed the "Our Story" section. Would you believe me if I told you it made me cry? Our love story is so divine, as all love stories are. I will certainly have to share our story with you someday. Anyhow...

The wedding website is done! It's accomplished! I feel good about it!

And it does look rather lovely.

Monday, August 17, 2009

victory #3 - venue

OK. So it's true we have been "penciled" in at Snow Bowl Ski Lodge since February. But the paperwork is actually in now. Our down payment actually paid.

Hooray us!

Snow Bowl is an older ski lodge, it's not a resort, it's not luxurious or pretentious. It has huge wooden beams, stone fireplaces, and rustic pine tables with a quirky western bar in the corner and the most spectacular views in all the land right outside it's doors.

This place is perfectly perfectly us.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

victory #2: our photographer

This is huge. Monumental. An accomplishment to be truly giddy about....

we booked our photographer!

This was not an easy it feels like a HUGE deal! I have looooooved swooning over all the fantastic, amazing, and inspiring photographers out there. It was hard to choose...and prices were a lot higher than I had anticipated when we began our search. Not to mention we will be tying the knot on a popular wedding booking early was crucial. (well...crucial is a relative term....the photography is a big priority for us...we really want to capture the emotion and sentiment of our ceremony and the fun and exuberance of our celebration! This is our one lil splurge)

So we've enlisted the help of our new friends, Heather and Jon, to shoot our wedding! And I am beyond thrilled! (ummm...would you believe me if I told you that my heart was flying when we signed the contract...and I was smiling ear to ear...and I immediately wanted to call everyone we knew to tell them our rad news? To say I was excited is a ridiculous understatement...I was ecstatic!)

Check out their stunning photography at their blog, One Love Photo!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

victory #1: our officiant

(I love that she's sneaking a peak at her new hubby....too cute)

Well. I suppose the first victory is probably that we are "engaged"...yay! But honestly, the news I'm about to confirm made My Guy and me so very excited...

we officially have our officiant!

We asked one of our best friend's to preside over our ceremony...and she ACCEPTED! And she's EXCITED! And we're ELATED!

This friend of ours was recently married to her childhood/high school/college sweetheart, and is therefore a newlywed herself...yay! (her wedding picture is above). She is one of my favorite people to walk the Earth and I knew within the first few moments of meeting her that our souls were friends (no joke). She embraces the most honest and sacred components of what love is, and radiates that to those around her. She is warm and lovely and wonderful and kind, and luckily, there is nobody we know who is as talented a wordsmith and poet than she.

Details are her getting ordained...but we'll figure that out. We are so blessed to have such a beautiful person in our lives, and that she will be there to bring us into our spiritual union!


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