Friday, March 27, 2009

cakes (pleural)

diy wedding cake article here

I have never seen this done in real life (and I've been to loads of weddings) but I'm seeing it more and more on the web and am freaking loving it. A cake table...for cakes (note the s). I read about it first here, and ever since then I've been seeing it everywhere.

little yummy pretties seen here

Like I've already said...I don't know if I feel the pull to have a traditional white tiered cake. The cost of it is nuts (unless my cake maker friend get's on my wedding bandwagon...hint hint).
I happen to love the idea of having a variety of cakes and pies...perhaps even choose from.

how loud can you scream yum?? from A Backyard Wedding

this bride homemade her wedding cakes! Read about it here...

I love this concept. These cakes are simple...totally delicious (I assume...look at them!)...and I find it refreshingly modern and chic. It comfortably steps out from the "wedding cookie-cutter box."

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