Friday, March 20, 2009

diy: aspen centerpieces

photo by Cameron Clark

Via Style Me Pretty: the DIY for these great centerpieces

Our friends Tamara and David created the floral centerpieces. They visited the area where our wedding was to be held and selected a fallen aspen tree. Our wedding ceremony was surrounded by aspen, so this was a beautiful way to tie in the centerpieces. They cut it into rounds with a chainsaw, then drilled a number of holes into each for the flower stems. The holes were cut with a hole saw bit, which is available at home improvement stores and is often used for cutting the large diameter holes in doors for doorknobs. There are about eight holes in each centerpiece, so although it appears to be one vase, each is really a number of vases close together. They sealed the bottoms with a lacquer to avoid water seeping onto the tablecloths.
We’re really grateful to our friends for putting this all together. Tamara also selected all the flowers and arranged them flowers with help from our friends Allison and Mitzi, and matched the centerpiece floral arrangement to her choices for the bride’s bouquet.

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