Friday, March 20, 2009

diy: letterpress design

We all know that invitations can be ca-razy expensive. It's often an easy area on the budget to adjust, what with so many diy invite ideas out there. However, I wanted to share with you a neat lil company that does fantastic letterpress work (affordably!) using a design submitted by you!

I really love letterpress. I appreciate how the thick rich paper feels in my hands, how the indentations feel under the rub of my fingertip, and the visual depth and definition that can be achieved with the designs of simple lines. Some are so lovely, they are frame-able forever keepsakes.

The Mercurio Brothers Printing Company is ridiculously cost effective, as far as letterpress printing goes. Whereas many letterpress invites can cost upwards of $10 per invite - Mercurio Brothers can be as little as $1.30 (when you order a large quantity of 200). So the price is definetely awesome, and the best part is that it is a totally unique creation designed by you! (because you are just as crafty and talented as any designer...maybe). If you can dream it, they can print it! (be mindful, of course, the more colors you use the higher the price...)

Here are some of their examples:

Unfortuntely, this concept doesn't fall under the "eco-friendly" one would need to weigh those concerns.

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