Sunday, March 22, 2009

poster sized

Nature - $75

Check out these brilliant wedding invitation/save the date designs from unlessomeonelikeyou over at Etsy. Talk about awesome art...

The coolest thing is that these are printed POSTER SIZED! So you can print one big for you, and then have tons printed small at your local print shop to act as your invites. Freakin' dig this.

Custom - $200

How cool is this? I'm sold. I want one. Even if it's this one that doesn't celebrate my own wedding - I think it looks awesome! A fun wall hanging momento. Except in my little mountain town there aren't any bridges. But that is the beauty of "custom."

Owl - $75


  1. Love these! Anyone know what it would cost to have them printed professionally? Or if you could do them on an at-home printer?

  2. Sadie -

    check out the artist's site and ask her! I know that loads of her stuff is printable on your own.



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