Sunday, April 5, 2009


Douglass Fir

So I don't know if these fit into a bridal blog - but I found them so lovely and so beautiful that I wanted to pass them along. They are a utilitarian way to incorporate nature into your everyday space via trivets, serving pieces, magnets, wall hangings, tile decor etc. In real life, these are spectacular.

I attended a fine arts crafts show in downtown Seattle yesterday afternoon with my aunt and uncle. We were all struck with the beauty of these tiles hand created by a local artist, (and I was excited to hear they have an etsy shop, Convergence Design). I think they would make great wedding gifts. Gifts to the bridal party, or to your parents, or a wedding gift to yourself! (They are perhaps a little pricey to give as gifts to everyone in attendance...but maybe not depending on your budget).

You could select a plant that is abundant in the mountainous area of your event...and always have a little bit of that greenery in your life. Check out their website, and their etsy shop.

Silver Maple

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