Wednesday, April 15, 2009

hold the cake, please.

Cake by Cheryl Kleinman (via here)

This cake is obviously cool - but I'm posting it because of that FANTASTIC cake stand. Wowza.

via Ritzy Bee

This is a highly blogged about cake, I love it too. We see this rad type of cake stand again (I'm into it. Really. Into. It.)

Lynn Rutter

Martha (see her DIY instructions )

Of course Martha can make this wooden cake stand - duh! But a quick trip to the lumberyard and you can too (apparently) .

Julie + Todd (get the full deal on these nature inspired stands here)

Darling Dexter

I love the simple and clean presentation here. White cake stands make it all so uniform and pretty!

via re-found objects

Glass would be a beautiful and classic way to present cake. I even have a vintage glass cake platter in my cupboard! (and since I don't have much...these things must be everywhere). It could be easy to collect enough cake stands from friends and family. Wahoo borrow stuff! (oh yea, that is assuming you want a desert table or actually need the reason to use a few cake stands - I'm still pretty interested in several small 1 tiered cakes/pies. Dunno yet.)

Though I must confess, the colored glass cake stands that I've been seeing are really catching my eye. They are all kinds of beautiful.

My Suzy Homemaker

I really think that an eclectic mix of styles, shapes and colors would look amazing. ( this blogger admitted that this is only HALF of her collection!)

I'm hungry now. Need a treat. Corner bakery here I come.


  1. Can I just say how AMAZING I find your blog? Seriously, its the best wedding planning blog I've come across yet!

  2. I had wood cake stands made using the Alchemy feature on Etsy. I have two different sellers, just in case one doesn't turn out. I'm using a bunch of different colored glass cake stands for cupcakes, too.



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