Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i only wish i was this cool

(I want to carry yellow balloons on my wedding now...don't you?)

I applaud those who dare to step out of the "bride" box and wear what they know to be fabulous. Here are some brides with rad taste:


  1. Yes! I wish I had to balls to be so bold on my wedding day! These pics are sweet, nice work compiling them. I think my fave is the yellow one in the pic with the guy in the kilt. Great Post.

  2. The winter dress from Wedding Bee is my favorite! Thanks for posting my dress - that shot is my favorite from the batch because of the way Jeremy is holding me in it.

  3. actually agreed i love that yellow/gold dress too!

  4. Sweetie, you ARE this COOL!!!

    If you want to wear a colored or short dress, GO FOR IT!

    I saw your comment about wedding dress shopping nerves over at 2000dollarwedding. My two cents:
    1) do a bunch of web surfing to see what you like/ what's in your price range before going to stores
    2) ask a couple stylish friends what they see you in. if they have time, they could even do some online-pre-shopping for suggestions. turns out that my uber stylish sister in law and i independently picked out the same dress for me - so i knew it was the one!
    3) when you go to actual stores, stay open-minded - there might be something that looks great on *you* that you never would have considered.
    4) ignore the rude & snide comments of the bridal ladies who tell you how things "must" be done. if they lay it on too heavy, leave.
    5) it CAN be fun! :)

  5. haha... i am totally with you... i have so much admiration for every one of those brides in their awesome dresses.. i too, wish i was that cool! they are all so gorgeous!

  6. You're the bees knees. These are all soo stunning.

  7. I LOVE "outside-the-box" weddings...and dresses with a colorful or funky twist. My favorite of the ones you listed is the second one via Green Wedding Shoes. It has the classic beauty of white, but then an "unexpected" rainbow of colors popping out from underneath. In fact, I'd like to wear that dress today...just for a photo shoot...just for fun. :)



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