Monday, April 20, 2009

immortal floral

This is one of those slightly lame confessions I have to make: this site, Immortal Flower, has been saved on my computer for like 5 years or something ridiculous. I just thought this was a neat idea and so I bookmarked it.

These are organically grown flowers preserved petal by petal through a waxing technique using bees wax. They last forever. Forever. And they say that even the aroma is preserved.

Being the sentimental soul that I am, I actually really love the idea of keeping my bridal bouquet. But I'm definitely not into preserving it under glass for a wall hanging or whatever else they do (that seems to be the only option I'd ever seen and quite frankly that isn't my style). But this...this is quite unique...and not "in your face wedding." They look life-like to me, obviously, they are real flowers. Post wedding, stick it in a vase, put on a shelf and call it a day!

Or maybe an immortal mini bouquet for a cake topper would be more of what you are looking at...feast your eyes on these:

They are pricey. Like. Whoa. BUT they also have a DIY option! Did you hear me? A DIY OPTION! Sa-weet!

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