Thursday, April 30, 2009

mason jar mania


I recently purchased a couple boxes of mason jars off Craigslist while living in Washington (people are big fans of canning out there - not so much here in Phoenix). There were so many listings for people selling jars on Craigslist I wish I could have rented a van to bring them all back to our city, where people want 'em but have a hard time finding them cheap. Just to give you perspective, while thrifting in Phoenix a while back, I came across some old canning jars and they were selling for $3.50/piece?! (what?)

Anyhow. Very very excited about my purchase. It was a smokin' deal. There are about a zillion things I could do with these things...not just the centerpieces...I could probably use them forever.

I could use them as vases...

...or pretty pantry storage...

here + diy instructions
...or I could make my own candles...

...I could cover them in pretty fabric...

...or create magical lanterns out of them...

here + diy instructions
...or I could make terrariums...

...or sip yummy beverages...

...create gifts for my peeps...

...finally organize everything I own...

...or put Christmas lights in them (wow!) ...

...or just put 'em on the windowsill to catch the light and be pretty on their own.


  1. Yeahhh .. I'm one of those that paid $3 - $4 a jar (for the blue ones only) for our wedding. I would have chipped in for the van ; )

  2. i think i paid even more than that for mason jars from our local kitchen goods store. i suppose if i bought in bulk it would have been cheaper. now i save old tomato jars instead for pantry storage because they're free, but the jars are smaller which kinda sucks.

  3. here's a surprise... I am as equally enamoured by the mason jars as you, and have already started collecting them from my aunts who can all things edible!! heh, we should just get married on consecutive days and split the costs!!! keep up the amazing inspiration... LOVE that pic of the jar with christmas lights in it!!!

  4. oh ya and the candles... love them too!!

  5. The ultimate multi-purpose household/ decor item! You are going to be organized for eternity! (You could set up a little WA > AZ import business to add to the wedding or house down payment budget :) )

  6. Wow ... you go, creative girl!

  7. love the mason jars. I think I am at around 250 right now. We are using them for basically anything we can think of in terms of wedding decor.

  8. So smart of you to "stockpile" them while you were in WA! I bet they'll be put to good use. Those lemonade "sippers" look particularly refreshing - perfect for our warm (okay...HOT!) Arizona summers! :)

  9. So many cute ideas!! My friend, who is an herbalist, uses them to make and store her tinctures. Just pour vodka over your dried herbs and let them sit for a couple months and poof, you have a tincture. :c) Use something that smells great (like lavender & rose petals) and instead you have your own homemade perfume. The awesomeness of jars cannot be understated. ;c)



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