Saturday, April 4, 2009

real life: flagstaff snow bowl

This is another exquisite Heather Kadar photographed event. I really do loooove her work. Do you see how she captured the golden sunset rays? What a magical wedding memory.

This bride and groom were married at the ski lodge, Snow Bowl, up in Flagstaff. Ridiculously beautiful views abound from every angle up there. It's my favorite Flagstaff spot, and it pictured perfectly! See Heather Kadar's blog for more weddings.

this pictures makes me want to go skipping through meadows.
what a great shot lined up in front of the two pines!?

look how adorable this groom looks! so excited to see his bride!

everything about this bride is just right...she looks naturally stunning, without the fuss. (and her bouquet is wild and delicate at the same time = fantastic!) (and I love her hair!)

just beautiful.

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  1. Just found your blog... and hello?!?! This wedding is GOOO-rgeous!! I too am having a mountain wedding, in Fernie, BC, Canada. Check it out:

    I will definitely be keeping my eye on your blog!! Good luck with everything!



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