Monday, May 18, 2009

the etsy bride behind quirkybeauty!

Here is the designer of quirkybeauty...looking dazzling for her own wedding!

The very first bridal Etsy shop that I became obsessed with was quirkybeauty. Dana, the designer, is a recent bride...very in like two weeks ago! Congratulations! (what a beautiful her look, her flowers, her hair, her dress...girl's got style!) During her quest to find a bridal hair piece for herself, she became inspired to create her own as she just couldn't find anything that suited her taste that was actually affordable.

Holy cow did she hit the mark with these! They are so unique and just sooo lovely!

Furthermore, Dana has priced her pieces to be wonderfully affordable! (OK, so I realize that I've used quite a few exclamation points in this post...but you should see how crazy excited I get when I talk about this's ridiculous.) I feel that quirkybeauty is one of those hidden gems...go browse...I'm positive you'll become a fan too!

A little about the couple:
Dana attended art school, and majored in painting. She's a painter, an illustrator, a muralist, and a fashion stylist...check out her incredible portfolio site here. Her new husband, Harry, is a photographer... check out his site here.

Dana's bridal look (so much Etsy inspiration!):

sash: vintage belt from le amor on Etsy
necklace: cleo bell on Etsy
clutch: Gracey Bags on Etsy
cardigan: All Things Pretty on Etsy
dress: JCrew
hairpiece: quirky beauty on Etsy

Here is a sampling of her swoon worthy hair pieces:
The design of the hair piece she wore in her own wedding! Amazing.

This is the one I keep looking at.

How sweet is this!? Not even just for a wedding...but for being cute all the time?
(and just for the record, I typically hate all heart shaped things...and I would actually rock this.)

Hello Greek goddess.

Ahhhh! I love love love this! It actually might be my favorite.

This lil lovely is only $22!!!

She has a new veil collection too.

And where do artists honeymoon? Well. Paris of course!


  1. no :-( the photos from her etsy shop work but not her own photos. maybe it has something to do with the photos being from gmail instead of saved elsewhere?

  2. woohoo fixed! i love seeing how ppl personalize j crew dresses - love that sash.

  3. I've been skulking around this etsy site since you first posted it. Am still in love with the first leaf headband you posted but now am loving the heart one, too!

    Also, I gave you a blog award of my blog. Hope you'll stop by and check it out!

  4. Damn that I already have a headpiece -- because oh, swoon!



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