Saturday, May 9, 2009

etsy insight: midori designs

A couple of years ago one of my best friends, my former college roomie, got married in Hawaii. Being the beyond broke medical student I am, it was impossible for me to make the journey and it was devestating that I couldn't be there for her magical day.

And magical it was! Hawaii!? Perfection. She wore a gardenia in her hair, much like the one pictured above. I'm sooo tempted to buy one of these clips for her! This Etsy shop, Midori Designs, is actually in located in Hawaii, and they hand create these lifelike flowers out of clay! Out of CLAY! They have an entire section on gardenias, but they also have orchids (have I ever told you about my tabletop orchid garden??) and other tropical flowers that are o-so-pretty.

Talk about an object you can keep forever. (I'm allll about you probably know by now). The best thing, these are really affordable... most of her flower hair pieces are $20 or less!

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  1. i'm obsessed with keepsakes too. leaves my room in a messy state. these flowers are totally worth keeping!



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