Tuesday, May 5, 2009

etsy insight: silver sparrow designs

These engagement rings are engraved "lobsters & geese" because those species mate for life. I think it's the grooviest lil detail! SilverSparrowDesign's has a couple different engagement ring sets which can all be engraved. I like the idea of engraving wedding bands - it's sweet. I have no idea what we would engrave in ours, I would have to think about that for awhile (what would you engrave in your wedding band???)

When I read the profile of the artist behind SilverSparrowDesign's, I had to smile, as it's clear that this woman is passionate about making jewelry and working with silver. It's easy to support someone who loves what they do, as it is seen in the quality and beauty of the pieces they create. (Seriously, go read her story, it's enough to inspire your day!) Not only are the pieces in this shop lovingly hand forged, but they are created using organic, recycled silver, and use hand crafted beads from other Etsy shops.

I love her designs (and have my eye on a couple things). Not just wedding pieces, but beautiful gifts: charms for mom, guitar accessories, earrings, bracelets, pet tags etc. I'm totally smitten.

Mother's Day is right around the corner...my mama would LOVE these!!

This "infinity symbol" necklace was designed for her sister's wedding day!

I'm fairly obsessed with this necklace...

and these earrings.

Have I mentioned that we have a dog? Except not really. Our friend's have a dog that we will be adopting once we get married and move into a bigger home. He's the cutest guy you've ever seen: a maltypoo. We will need one of these tags...to say Dandelion. I know I know, who names a boy dog after a flower?! Well, my friend, Christine.

(birthday gifts, mother's day, bridesmaid gifts...I'm tellin' ya...this stuff is perfect.)

I really adore these little "lanterns" - a perfect lil pop of color around the neck.

This is a great gift for any "geetar" player. Yea, My Guy plays guitar...it's sexy.
(I started singing and bopping my head around when I read these lyrics...)


  1. i didn't find the aqua/sea green earrings when i went to her etsy page--where did you find the image? i agree, this stuff is amazing!

  2. omg - they were SOLD! i guess you gotta act fast on her stuff. i'm bummed too...it wasn't me who snatched 'em up.

  3. oh, that's sad news (both that they are sold, and that they weren't sold to you :)



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