Friday, May 15, 2009

i'm sorry, but you have skin cancer

"I'm sorry, but you have skin cancer..."

I've spoken a variation if these words multiple times daily over the past couple weeks during my Dermatology rotation. I'm telling people they have CANCER. From the SUN. Do you get this?

Ladies, it's avoidable! Wear spf 30 (or higher!!)...don't be a crazy's really not worth it.

I'm pale...super super freckly...light colored eyes....blond hair...and I've had a wicked bad burn every year (sometimes more than once!) for the past 23 years. The Doctor I'm with told me that he guarantees I'll end up with skin cancer. One of my best friends, age 27, recently had a huge chunk of skin excised due to skin cancer. It can happen. To any of us.

I bring this us because I've read on a couple blogs about girls setting aside time and money for tanning beds and laying out to get that pre-wedding golden glow. I advise you to be wise.

*climbing off soap box now*


  1. After years and years about being made fun of for pretty much glowing in the dark I'm grateful for refusing to tan. As much as I would love a nice glow it's just not worth it.

  2. i worry about this but think i'm kinda safe because i've never been one to spend all my time in the sun during summer. i AM worried about my boyf, however, who REFUSES to wear sunscreen because "he wants a tan, it makes him feel good" etc (god he is such a metrosexual sometimes!).

  3. My daughter is a lifeguard. The past 5 years of this job (year round) she's been in the sun but always always always uses the spf 7 million provided by her employer...all over. But still... hm.


  4. my skin so doesn't have the ability to tan so I wear spf30 or 60 in the summer...but even then I still manage to burn sometimes.
    Take care of yourself too, it can be hard to give people bad news all day long.

  5. Let me clarify a lil bit...I break the bad news about skin cancers and pre-cancer...but then I excise the lesions making people cancer free :-)

  6. I keep my suntan where it's always available on short notice: in a tube in my medicine cabinet.

  7. i constantly worry about this. i've got red hair, freckles and intense sun sensitivity! i wear spf 30 on my face everyday!

  8. I slather on the spf. even back when I wanted to, I never could tan. I love that it's a little more "in" to be pale. Plus that leathery look never struck me as a good way to go.



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