Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my absolute obsession!

OK. So I've been desperate to get myself a big flower for my bridal portraits. I've searched high and low but only managed to find flowers that are too too big and puffy...and I seek big, flat and flowy.

Then I found it. The clouds opened up and angels sang sweet melodies. The flower of my dreams. (and yes, there have been a couple of actual-in-my-slumber-dreams about a hair flower...lame? Perhaps. But it's true).

(this is my new lil lovely....oh gosh....I just love it!)

I found it at the Etsy shop Feathers & Frills my friends....Feathers & Frills.

(there are a couple different colors)

It came in the mail today. I squealed! I smiled suuuuper big! I've worn it all night...during the baseball game on TV, while I ate dinner, and in my office studying. I can't take it off! I feel so prettttttty!! It's perfection in petal form.

(I also really liked this one in ivory)

Plus, Kristen, the designer behind Feathers & Frills is an absolute doll! When I contacted her about my flower I could have sworn she was my bff in another life...she is just as excited about my wedding as I am! We discussed the colors at length, as I had specific ideas in mind. She listened! She created a masterpiece just for me! It's magnificent.

(a smaller flower if the huge head sized bloom isn't quite your thang)

(this might not be entirely appropriate...but I feel that I should let you know a lil something about ban.do, those pretty hair flowers and headbands. First, all sales are final (my friend didn't know that and is now stuck with a $130 headband!) Also, ban.do headbands come on a circular wire rim that is wrapped in ribbon...it "sits" on the head, and is NOT elastic...so the thing doesn't even stay on her head! Just so know)


  1. ooo. i like the colors of the first one best. but maybe the size of the smaller one. I wish i were better at pulling off fabulous stuff like that!

  2. LOOOOOVE THE FIRST ONE!! It is seriously spectacular!! But come on, share the goodness with you wearing it!! I would love to see it on you! I love these over-the-top big bold beautiful head pieces... flowers, veils, feathers.... the bolder the better!!

  3. My vote is for the first one. BEAUTIFUL!

  4. can't wait to see your bridal photos to see how fun the flower looks! and i think it's good to know that about ban.do...i wasn't really digging their prices anyway.

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  6. Just wanted to let you know that there is a BIG announcement on my blog. And it may be of particular interest to you! Be sure to check it out- looking forward to hearing from you soon! Congrats!

  7. Love these (but ditto on the first one). (and if we can't give each other tips if they're negative, why do we have blogs?)

  8. Wow, those are beautiful! I never thought of that, great idea!



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