Monday, June 15, 2009

my bestie was the chillest bride

My best friend's wedding was this past weekend. Their wedding rocked and let me tell you why:

1. in selecting a venue, they wanted a beautiful place that was fun, lovely and affordable....AND let them have an affordable open bar cuz these two like to par-tay! They hit the jackpot with the western ranch they found and everything fell into place.

2. flowers = she picked her favorite flower, in her favorite color, and she was done. This took her a whole 5 seconds to accomplish.

3. dress = she tried on a couple dresses and ended up buying her favorite one the same day (this actually saved her money too, as the boutique she was in gave a discount if you bought on your first visit.)

4. delegation = Becky's big sister, and Matron of Honor, loves weddings and pretty much took it upon herself to organize the details as Becky really doesn't care about minutia.

5. favors = her sis suggested fortune cookies, Becky liked the idea. Done.

6. bridesmaid dresses = one Saturday as many of her bridesmaids as possible got together to go look for dresses. She wanted us to all wear the same dress in a specific green, so we went to a couple bridal boutiques and we all tried on dresses. The one that looked the best on all of us "won." (this was actually a really fun thing to do, it gave us girlies a chance to hang and plan bachelorette weekend stuff)

7. hair = picked up a sparkly rhinestone headband at a jewelry booth back in January when we were at a bridal convention. She didn't go back and forth on the matter....she didn't try it on a gazillion times and wonder, "should I get it!? I don't know! OMG!" No. No. She saw it, liked it, tried it on, sold. Then...while getting ready she realized that the headband might give her a headache so she skipped it...hello comfort!

8. rehearsal dinner = catered Mexican food in her sister's was a rad PARTY in itself!

9. alcohol = open bar, obviously. And amazingly.

10. centerpieces = the venue had several options, or she could have brought in her own. She selected one they already had. They were pretty. And included at no cost. Easy choice.

11. photographer = found one. Didn't stress about it...didn't interview a crazy ton. Just found one that took good pictures.

12. groomsmen = they will wear whatever Joe (her now hubby) wanted and she didn't care at all.

13. cake = at the taste testing she liked four of the samples so much she ordered one layer of each...but she didn't care to learn the actual "types" of these cakes. This is typical Becky and made me crack up: when I asked her what flavors she picked out she shrugged, "I dunno...but they are GOOD!"

14. officiant = friend of a friend.

15. time of ceremony = sunset. Duh. We live in Arizona where the sunsets are magical.

16. make-up = left that to the pros at M.A.C.

17. hair = friend of a friend (btw she has the most gorgeous red her hair was breathtaking and is now how I want to wear my hair for my that too copy-cat?)

18. ceremony = traditional short and sweet "I Do's" stressing over composing "the perfect vows". It was lovely and I cried...a lot of us cried.

19. guest list = invited all the family and the best of best friends they could possibly afford. And everyone was was a freakin' reunion of massive proportions. I squealed all night long hugging old friends, hearing of their current adventures, meeting friend's new babies and spouses. It was amazing.

20. guest book = snapfish book of their engagement shots via A Sophisticated View.

We cried a little, danced a lot, drank a few, and had the best day ever. Wedding wishes do come true!


  1. sounds like she knows how to let go and have a good time. congratulations to her and the new hubby!

  2. Aww that sounds perfect. Fun, easy, and drama-free! Ahh I hope my wedding can be like that...I just need to work on being more easy going. =] Glad to hear you had a great time! I missed your posts.

  3. I'm so jealous of the low key. I want so hard to be low key, but keep freaking that I will be judged if i don't put enough effort into it.
    (and you should totally copy her hair if you want. you'll still be you).

  4. thanks for sharing! this is a great post. I can only hope to be half as chill as she was!

  5. Any chance you can share a pic of the hair? Sounds amazing, and as a redhead myself, I'm always looking for inspiration!



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