Friday, July 3, 2009

our save-the-dates!

Have I already mentioned that I have some very special and talented friends? My friend Sarah is a graphic designing genius and creates the raddest stuff. Every now and then she shares new creations with me and my jaw always hit the floor. She surprised us with an amazing wedding gift - she designed our fantastic Save-The-Dates! They are fun and whimsical and we love them! We used Vista Print to make the actual postcards...they turned out great and the price rocked my face off.

(I love that she included my freckles!)

This picture was taken on Thanksgiving 2005, the first holiday we ever spent together. It was also the first holiday I didn't spend with my family...which was a bit tough...but his was so wonderful to me I felt like a part of their clan. *sigh* I love him.

Oh. And yes we got engaged this past Sunday (yay!) and yes our cards went out Monday :-)


  1. Did you like this company?! I'm trying to figure out whether to go local or online to get postcards made... problem is I want the back to look like an actual postcard so I'm going to have to design that part too. Would you recommend them? I love the prices!

    Awesome Save the Dates by the way, it made me laugh that you had them ready and sent them out the next day. Way more prepared than I am! :)

  2. Those are A-MA-ZING!! LOVE THEM!! I am so happy for you that you get to spread the word, shout it from the rooftop, and not plan your wedding secretly!! So exciting!

  3. those are SO cool (congrats on the official engagement!!)

  4. This is so cool! aren't you two cute!
    corijessy, I used VistaPrint for my save-the-dates and was happy with them and may use them for my thank-yous, but the quality is not high enough to use for my invitations. And beware the little extras that can hike up the price: for example, I wanted the back to have that postcard stamp on the back so that was five bucks extra, and there were a couple of other added fees if I recall so that my free postcards were actually $38. Which is still great for 100 postcards but...

  5. ps. wow! that didn't exactly come out as coherent.
    Jes you're as gorgeous in graphic as you are in photos!

  6. love the graphic feel. the comic book style is awesome. so unique.

  7. Nice. What a great wedding gift. Your friend is very talented.

  8. I just received mine...SO SO SO FREAKIN' cute!! I do have a question: What airport should I be flying in to....hmmm....

  9. Congrats again! Those cards are awesome - very creative and totally fun.



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