Monday, June 22, 2009

tina tarnoff papercuts sale

While doing a lil extra Etsy surfing tonight I stumbled across Tina Tarnoff, an artist whose work is created using paper cut by hand. Her work is delightful! The best part, for June 21 and 22 her Etsy shop is having a Summer Solstice sale: buy 1 get 1 FREE!! I had to get the word out on this wonderful deal to all my artistic blogging friends who appreciate a beautiful piece of artwork (that's affordable!)!!!

Some of her pieces are romantic, some are whimsical, and all are lovely.


  1. This is so fantastic!! I love it - thank you so much for the feature!!

    P.S. I sent you a convo on etsy! xox

  2. Etsy is down for maintence :( Papercuts are so lovely, can't wait until I can look at her shop.

  3. Wow amazing! I especially love the first one! What a talented artist! So I have to ask, do you ever get deals for featuring etsy sites? I know its not your intention, I'm just curious if its a great side effect. =]

  4. I WISH Miss Adventure! Wouldn't that be rad!?

  5. That would be freaking awesome. But then again, with this economy its each for himself isn't it? Still I'm so glad you share all the awesome things you find! I usually just find overpriced junk...=]



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