Sunday, July 12, 2009

victory #1: our officiant

(I love that she's sneaking a peak at her new hubby....too cute)

Well. I suppose the first victory is probably that we are "engaged"...yay! But honestly, the news I'm about to confirm made My Guy and me so very excited...

we officially have our officiant!

We asked one of our best friend's to preside over our ceremony...and she ACCEPTED! And she's EXCITED! And we're ELATED!

This friend of ours was recently married to her childhood/high school/college sweetheart, and is therefore a newlywed herself...yay! (her wedding picture is above). She is one of my favorite people to walk the Earth and I knew within the first few moments of meeting her that our souls were friends (no joke). She embraces the most honest and sacred components of what love is, and radiates that to those around her. She is warm and lovely and wonderful and kind, and luckily, there is nobody we know who is as talented a wordsmith and poet than she.

Details are her getting ordained...but we'll figure that out. We are so blessed to have such a beautiful person in our lives, and that she will be there to bring us into our spiritual union!


  1. Yay! I loved checking the big stuff off the to-do list! It's so exciting because it becomes so REAL!

  2. that is fantastic! now you can officially get married - you don't really need anything beyond a partner and an officiant :) we've got half of our officiating team... i *still* need to ask the other half. and then we've got to get them ordained, details...

  3. EXCELLENT IDEA! does that mean husband and baby p will be in attendance? family/friend fun

    still scouring brazil for the right gift, its harder than youd imagine (I got meg a gift for herself only cause i couldnt think of anything she and billy would need/want, not gonna let that happen this time)

  4. wonderful...your details are falling into place. just got back from a wedding and the officiant smiled so much during the ceremony, you could tell he was truly happy for the couple and it was really cute.

  5. That's unbelievable and so awesome! Congrats!

  6. That picture is super fun! The bride's expression is priceless.



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