Wednesday, July 8, 2009

wedding wish wednesday #8: pretty pretty skin

Hum. Perhaps this is a goofy thing to wish for publicly...but it's an honest wish. I swear I'm too old for "bad" skin. Yet every now and I then I feel like I'm 16 all over again, and it annoys me to no end when I get a breakout. And yes, I realize there are bigger more important elements of life out in the world to focus time and energy on...but I can wish about whatever I want to on my blog :-)

I never thought about getting "facials" until I was reading a post over at broken*saucer and she mentioned getting monthly facials in prep for her wedding. Never crossed my mind. But I love that idea because I really enjoy facials, it's actually really healthy for your skin, and it could help this wedding wish come true! Win, win, win situation actually.

Spa services can be rather pricey...but there are screamin' deals out there to scope out. The salon I go to at has 20% off services every weekend with spots that aren't booked up in the schedule (good idea, huh!) So now I'm thinking about this. Just thinking about it. For now.

Or I could invest in some sweet skin care products. But this is such a daunting task as there are about a zillion different brands out there and I have no idea where to even start. I have considered doing mini facials at home using steam and masks and stuff too. Cheaper than the salon!

So I'm sending this wish out into the blogosphere. Please oh please let me wake up on my wedding day with dewy soft, blemish and fine line free, radiant bridal glow skin. Thank you.

(What products do you use on your face to make you 0h-so-beautiful?)


  1. Yes, I have already started worrying about this... I have problems with my skin!! BUT, the thing I have found to work the best, although a bit dramatic, is cutting out sugar. I am less than 2 months out from our wedding, and am doing my best to cut out all refined sugars, and 2 weeks before, I will completely cut out sugar. I have done this in the past, and it is amazing what it does for my skin. It's hard work, but with great skin and a couple pounds lighter, it is well worth it!!

  2. I notice that too! No sugar, lots of water, and exercise does wonders for my skin. It would also help if I didn't live in the desert and had 15 different layers of sweat on my face at the end of the day, but I do my best.

    It's not silly though, that's a big worry of mine too! Mainly I just want to be comfortable in my skin, worry free.

  3. Oh, this goes double (maybe even triple?) for me. I swear I can track my stress-meter right across my face.

  4. I have the same issue. I completely relate to this post. I'm 4 months away and starting to think about whether or not I should invest in a series of peels to help with acne scarring. Having clear skin is such a confidence booster. It makes your makeup look better and makes you need less of it. I have to drink lots of water, exercise, wash my face every night before bed, I like Ole Henriksen products. (African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser, and the 3 Little Wonders Set -- and DDF 5% Bezoyl Peroxide/Tea Tree Oil Treatment) I have a slight Sephora addiction. I'm also on the hunt for an amazing waterproof mascara (i never wear waterproof mascara - but I know I'm gonna cry during our vows) Has anyone tried MakeUp Forever Mist & Fix - to make your makeup stay on all day??

  5. The best skin care products are definitely LUSH products. Ultrabland is like Windex from the movie my Big Fat Greek Wedding. It's the cure for every skin problem, I swear. You can use it to dry up oily bits, moisturize, heal, face mask, and best of all make up cleanser. I am hooked on it and can't live without it. Plus you only use the tinest bit and it goes for miles so it's so much value for money. It contains no harsh chemicals either! Best thing to do is go to a LUSH shop but you can also order online.

    Or for at home try a sugar and honey scrub by mixing raw sugar and a few tablespoons of honey and scrub scrub scrub. It's a little rough at first but your face is super smooth afterwards.

  6. i totally feel ya. i've got a doozy right now.

  7. i use all ORIGINS products, specifically 'make a difference' moisturizer, and never a dull moment face cleanser. And eye doctor- eye cream.

    i use all ORIGINS cosmetics as well. What can i say- im a loyal user.

  8. I second the Origins comment. Their Mega Mushroom Serum makes skin look amazing - glowy & flawless. I just discovered Smashbox Photofinish. It lives up to the hype! Provides a great smooth poreless finish.

    ps - great post yesterday! We must be on the same email list! :)

  9. I've actually started using the Neutrogena pro-retinol wrinkle treatment (very sparingly). I want to see I'm smoother.
    I like using night cream (just Dove for now, but may splurge soon) too because I think it really softens my skin. I hear the Body Shop Vitamin C skin boost is supposed to be really good.

    Otherwise, Clinique Even Better is supposed to be even out skin tone when worn for a few weeks. I will definitely give it a try if my silly freckles can be lightened. I'll let you know how it turns out!

  10. oh ChicNCheap...freckles are never silly...they are lovely!

  11. You know I am biased :c) I use all my own skincare products but the best thing you can do is keep your stress level down. It is amazing what a hormonal wreck we can become when stress gets out of hand.

    Also, SWINA in Tempe has good deals on groups of facials. They do a great job and use some incredible products if you let them know you want paraben-free products. Their regular stuff is just ok and I happen to be allergic but their paraben-free stuff is phenomenal.

  12. Hey, I just discovered your blog and I'm so happy that us mountain brides finally have some quality inspiration. I usually use Proactiv to keep my (28 year old!) skin under control but lately it wasn't enough. I rediscovered my favorite old school remedy--Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque. I wash with Proactiv cleanser, then put on a thin layer of this masque before I go to bed. It costs $3.99, it's all natural and it works like a charm!

  13. As Mountain Bride wishes for herself, so I wish for her to have BEAUTIFUL skin on her wedding day also! :)

    I actually JUST booked my FIRST EVER facial at the spa last night- in six weeks... I was looking for natural skin care products (green beaver and avalon are just not cutting it at all!!). The esthetician lady informed me that a facial is not only fantastic for your skin, but that she'd have a better idea of what to recommend for face products (they carry an awesome natural line that i was interested in... BUT there were like you said, a zillion different kinds).
    So a facial can also provide guidance on what kind of nice products for your own home facials you can do! :) plus I'm 14 months pre-wedding... so now is the time to get ready of this silly adult acne! :)

  14. Thanks for the shout out. So, I have always had troublesome skin, and before I got engaged I started getting facials because I'm 33 now and the proactiv stopped working. turns out proactiv is incredibly harsh and did damaged my skins resiliance to environmental issues. I switched to Murad which better for over all skin quality. If you have problem skin, get facials. But do research on where you are getting your facials. Skinlogic in Seattle (where I go), only does skin. I personally recommend Murad, Dermalogica and Rhonda Allison products. These are pricey but worth every penny in not just skin clarity but in pore size, texture and overall quality.
    Also, along with the drinking water and cutting sugar, dairy can be an issue for a lot of people. And I take supplements - Fish oil and Flax seed soften the skin and strengthen the collagen. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and vitamin C and E are very good to aid in your body's ability to fight stress and repair damage.
    But if you just want pampering and decide to get a facial just before the wedding, DO NOT get extractions within two weeks of your wedding day. your skin takes time to heal after a facial. you don't always look your best just after.
    Getting off my soap box now.

  15. Every time I try to leave a comment about skin care on your blog, it just won't work.

    I was going to suggest reading the information at

    The owner, Paula Begoun (the Cosmetics Cop) teaches skin care based on actual science. She explains what works and what doesn't, and what is mere hype. She also has an ingredients list which is invaluable.

    You can buy products she recommends or just purchase her products.

    She also owns which gives you access to all her reviews on cosmetics and skin care with a yearly subscription. This site is meant to replace her having to write a new book every few years.

    Good luck! Love your blog.

  16. Hi,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and saw that gorgeous Flag wedding. What I wouldn't do for a cup of Macy's coffee every morning...Sigh. Anyway. Have you tried Super Salve? You can get it online ( or at Winter Sun in Flagstaff. Their mimosa dream cream, Three Sisters Power-C repair toner, and the green clay mask are my holy trinity of facial care. All natural and affordable. I've never had healthier skin.

  17. Hi! Just wanted to say that we're (my FH and self) are also getting married here in Flagstaff! I stumbled upon your blog while looking for information on weddings at the Weatherford. I have had ance for forever, doing two full courses of accutane and everything else on the planet, as well! The only thing that has helped in forever has been the La Mer skincare line. It is ridiculously pricey (as is LUSH, which was mentioned earlier) but you can get samples from a Saks in PHX. I would also like to let you know, for acne scars, you may be off using a natural lightner (@ New Frontiers) if you're fair; and in my experience, laser treatments and real facials (like THC, not papaya and the like from a spa) work, but HURT SO BAD. =/

  18. Try the Oil Cleansing method..made my skin look glowing..I dont wear too much make-up when I go out.dont do it everyday though..

  19. I have really fallen in love with this product called Nano Cyclic Silver. It is a terrific product that looks like a glycerine bar similar to that of Neutrogena but wow, it does wonders the first day. I have had problems with my skin ever since I was a teenager and still now with oiliness and breakouts. Once I started using this product it is terrific. It is also a great deodorant that really works well especially with using natural deodorant stuff that really don't kill the bacteria. I wish I had known about this when I had gotten married as it keeps the oil away for a long time. For the first time in my life other than being pregnant, my skin glows now!

  20. This may not help you, but going on birth control did wonders for my skin. :)

  21. Just started reading your blog. The week before I got married I started breaking out in hives! My mom took me to my old pediatrician and he put me on some oral steroid and I was blessed with perfect skin!



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