Monday, August 10, 2009

cake banners

I've never seen this idea and I think it's terribly creative and fun! Baumbirdy, one of my fave Etsy stationary shops, started creating these adorable banners to adorn cakes. They come in either a beautifully recycled paper or wood, are backed in fun prints (like polk-a-dots, stripes, or damask) and can be customized to say whatever your lil heart desires.

I immediately thought that this would be lovely on a bridal shower cake, or engagement party cake...or heck...even a rad wedding cake topper! I'm partial to the round ones...tooooo cute!


  1. Wow, so creative! I've been looking for some good cake decoration, this definitely has potential:)

  2. Cute! I like how the circles all bunched together look.



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