Tuesday, August 4, 2009

centerpiece attention

found this lovely inspiration over at .c is for charmed. I think there are elements of these centerpiece scapes that are feasible for our little mountain wedding. I like the idea of mix n' match frames for the menu (but I don't know if we will be printing menu's at all??), the table numbers are fun and so are the variety of mis-matched votive holders. But I must say, the lovely flower arrangements in the canning jars are amazing.


  1. Why dont you frame your lovely engagement pics? OR instead of framing, you could mount them on cardstock (make them stronger) and put them on a tiny easel (maybe you could make some with hotglue and branches, rustic lovely)

  2. I like the idea of having something framed on the table...whether your frame your engagement photos, your menu or announcement.

  3. Put a poem or picture or something! Those frames are too cute to not have on your tables! Sticking with our "love bird" theme I want to make small cards (or find them) that have vintage looking birds and write the name of the bird underneath. Then when its time to call tables up, we will call them bird names. Its my idea, but we'll see if I actually DO it. =]

  4. Damn those mason jars can look good!

    All these numbered tables have me rethinking whether or not to have seating charts. Just seems like so much extra work. But it sure can look good.

  5. Adorable! I love the idea of a different love poem in each frame or simply welcoming your guests and thanking them for being there. The canning jars are fantastic.. what are they NOT good for??

  6. I simply love the first photo.

    Maybe lines from your vows or favourite quotes?



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