Friday, September 25, 2009

diy flowers via design*sponge

This stellar style blog Design*Sponge had a feature a few weeks ago about diy-ing your own wedding flowers. I'm jumping on this bandwagon, so of course it caught my attention. She had a couple of hints that I thought were rather wise:

1. pick the same flower for all arrangements
2. keep it simple!

I can follow those rules. Easy enough. Love their the birdies too.

Fyi: the blue flower is a Delphinium.


  1. Jes, I realllly wanted to DIY my flowers. Still kinda sad I didn't especially after arguing over the bill with my ridiculous florist that didn't manage to deliver my bouquet or the bouts before we walked down the aisle!

  2. can you please pick all ranunculas (sp?)? I think that would be so pretty! As your cake decorator will I get any say in picking out flowers for your entire wedding because I'm pretty sure that should fall on a cake decorator if they so choose. Who should we ask about proper etiquette?

  3. I loooove the first beautiful!



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