Saturday, September 19, 2009

real life: mini-cheesecakes + mountains

This mountain celebration took place in Flagstaff and was captured beautifully by the ever talented local photographer, Melissa Dunstan. First of all, you all know my excitement for posting Flagstaff weddings :-) Second, there are a couple of bodacious details that I have to highlight here!

You totally don't know this about me. But cheesecake is my weakness. I love the texture. I love the creamy richness of it. I love it! Key lime is my favorite. no, plain is my favorite. It doesn't matter - this couple HAD it! How cleaver to have mini sizes for personal treats. I've never seen this done and I have to applaud. Props to you two for tasty awesomeness.

I like these place cards. Simple and classy. Can clearly be done on recycled paper, and they reflect the beautiful natural surroundings of Flagstaff. I wonder if those tree shapes come in those paper punch things. This could be an awesome DIY project!


  1. hmm mini cakes. I think I love anything mini more than I love the full size version. Somehow when things are smaller they taste better?

  2. I've been searching everywhere for a little tree punch...the closest I can find is at, but the shapes are more generic. I agree this is a super cute idea! Let me know if you find another source...

  3. I am in love with the mini cheesecake wedding cake!

  4. Mini Cheesecakes! Such a good idea - for a wedding or any occasion.

  5. Funny you should mention this... we had mini-cheesecakes and key lime tarts (in addition to a small presentation cake and cupcakes) for those that weren't cake fans.



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