Monday, September 14, 2009

victory #5: cake

this looks yummmmmy...recipe from Saffron & Blueberry

My friends rule. Honestly. They do.

Especially Christine. I've known her since college where we worked together for a couple years...and lived down the hall from each other (we were RA's!). I was honored to be in her wedding a couple of years ago :-)

Christine is one of those "jack of all trades" type of woman. Not only is she an elementary school educator, a mommy to Luke (...who is the freaking most adorable kiddo ever to walk the planet), a wife, a brand new business owner, a crafter (like whoa), and a blogger...but she is also a pro cake baker/decorator. Do you see where I am going with this?

I have my Cake fairy!

Of course, we don't have design yet...and clearly haven't nailed down so much as a flavor. But she has ideas...and you all know My Guy and I have ideas. :-)

I'm just so thrilled to know that our dear friend will be hand creating our celebratory desert! Sometimes I just sit back in amazement and admiration for all of the lovely powers our loved ones are infusing into our marriage celebration.


  1. How cool! Wow, Christine really is a renaissance woman. I'm sure it will be gorgeous and will be that much more special because it was made by someone you care about. My parents' wedding cake was made by my great grandma and I think that is such a special thing. You can't beat homemade!

  2. I am honored to make the cake for you! I can't wait for the wedding!!!!



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