Wednesday, September 16, 2009

wedding quilt

The nights are getting chilly here in the northeast and I find myself tucking myself a little tighter into my bed at night. I love being cozy underneath the weight of a thick warm blanket.

This "Tree of Life" quilt was posted on Homespun Weddings...and I thinks it's lovely. I've been making a quilt for a few months now...and I'm in love.

When I first started it I was nutso-quilter-girl...and I did it everyday...I couldn't get enough! It was a BLAST! I made 12 squares in a matter of weeks. There was something so satisfying about finishing a square...I was addicting. Except now I'm not into and I have like 5 more squares to make and I can't for the life of me get into finishing it. Plus I didn't bring my quilting stuff across the country with me....obviously. I'll get to it eventually.


When I decided what kind of quilt I wanted to make it was a no brainer. Crazy quilts are my favorite. (My aunt recently took me to the Bellevue Arts Museum in Bellevue, WA where they were having an exhibition of old quilts....the crazy quilts were jaw dropping spectacular!). I'm using scraps of fabric from my mom, My Guy's mom, various old clothes from our closets, and loads of fabric deals. I don't have a sewing machine, so I'm sewing it by's oddly stress relieving.

This will be such a treasure for us as it holds so many fun scraps and it's the first quilt that I've made. I make it I think about me and My Guy and our journey so far. I wonder where the future will take us... and where we will wrap ourselves into that quilt.

I've put work, love, and time into this quilt. A metaphor for marriage, don't you think? I love it.

Ummm...I hope I finish it.


  1. Oh! I hope you do, too. :) Two of my good friends who got married to each other had their grandmothers piece and quilt a beautiful quilt for them. They hung up the quilt at the church where they got married and it looks totally beautiful! I highly recommend decorating with handmade, heartfelt quilts.

  2. That is crazy that you were stitching it all by hand! I've made a few things by hand, I also don't have a sewing machine, and gosh was it hard! I couldn't imagine trying to make a whole QUILT! That is so amazing though, you better get it done! I want to see it. =]

  3. i love quilts. I just wish I was more crafty like you! East coast falls are nice I hope you enjoy yours! You are simply amazing!

  4. I love the design concepts of this quilt, it's very beautiful.



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