Sunday, October 4, 2009

autumn shopping spree

Nature Favors - what an excellent party/wedding/shower favor for fall! LOVE THIS.

Autumn is in full bloom here in Pennsylvania, where I'm living for the month. The leaves are glorious...and leave me speechless. I always think of my mom during this season - she is always so enchanted by the colorful leaves too.

So yes, it's quite beautiful...and for my Arizona blood it's also quite cold. This means I can't be as selective with what I wear - I layer it all on. Despite the hoodie and Uggs, I wish I was wearing the "real" fall stuff. I long to only wear colors that remind me of a fall harvest. Burndt orange, rusty red, mustard yellow, deep greens, and various browns - is that normal? Also, is it normal to want to drink only wicked warm beverages from heavy handmade coffee mugs? Or desire the scent of pumpkin spice to hit me in the face when I come home? Or buy a bag of candy corns? Or pick up the prettiest leaves on my walkway and bring them inside to rest on my table?

I totally heart the fall.

I'm going to buy a pumpkin pie.

Stories Divine - vintage inspired notecards...I'm a chronic card sender.

Strawberry Hedgehog - Ahhh! Cutest thing ever... lil mini pumpkin spice heart soaps!

Beyond the Rockz - perhaps golden natural saphires are your thing...these are heavenly.

The Enlish Dept - it has a hood! Freaking cute!

Whispering Pines - I totally have a bag full of pinecones that I display this time of year too..
and it makes me wish I was home to decorate.

Quirky Beauty - how perfect! autumn berries beaded for your hair
(she's made up some new hair accessories that are to kill for...)

Midori Designs - such a popular fall color pallate for weddings...
this bouquet will last a lifetime you know.

Feathers & Frills - adorable autum detail (with a jewel!)

B. Cyr Jewelry - what about these dainty falling leaf earrings?

One Clay Bead - divine handcrafted dinnerware...soo sooooo pretty.

Bijoutiful Shop - everything in this shop is nature inspirated and totally fantastic.


  1. Mmm that favor looks so beautiful! It makes me want to buy it just to use as a display in my home! And that soap! I want a subscription to that this xmas I think...

  2. <3 You have such great taste, Jes! I love that little vesty piece - adorable! Thanks for posting the soap, I am crazy for the pumpkin spice myself. :c)

  3. i just love the pumpkin spice heart soaps! what a great wedding favor idea!

  4. I read the words "pumpkin pie" and immediately started smelling it. mmmm.
    and that little hooded bolero is divine!!!



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