Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wedding wish #18 via my guy: drama club...exit stage left

Yet another insightful perspective from My Guy. Cultivating and nurturing my relationship with this wonderful man is the biggest joy of my life. I know...mega mush...but it's true. And after reading this, I knew he has more insight into the reality of weddings than I ever gave him credit for.

Please…no drama! I don’t want any drama at our wedding. Family drama, friend drama, whatever…none of it. I have zero patience for drama, and sometimes friends and families can stress you out to no end. They don’t mean to of course, but it just happens, and even more so when tensions are already high like they might be on our wedding day. I’d like everyone to be happy and cordial and without a sour-puss face. There is a solution for everything, and no matter what happens I just want my bride to be thrilled on our day, and not stressed about anything. Here’s to hoping that her bride’s maids can deflect any stress she might feel and help her deal with any issues that may arise. I’m also hoping that the staff at our site are helpful and there isn’t any drama involved in that. It would be nice to have everything go off without a hitch, though I’m realistic and don’t expect that. If there is a problem I’m hopeful we can deal with it swiftly and successfully and have a good laugh about it in the end. Life is too short for worries!


  1. he he ... one of my Women of Honor, and her mother, were the only source of drama the whole day! The mother stomped off away from the processional when her daughter told her to be seated, and then I had to holler like a pig stuck in a fence (she's half deaf) to get her to come back and calm down. Later, my friend told me that she wouldn't read her (already written) toast publicly, but preferred to email it to me (!). She only relented after I shouted "no no, that's not what I want!" repeatedly for what seemed like an eternity. My family, and his, in comparison, were perfect and dreamy!

  2. Very well said! We too hope for little or no drama on our wedding day, and that's part of why we hired a DOC. I've already warned her she might need to run interference with my mother...LOL.

  3. Oh gosh, you now have me scared. I have some of THE cattiest high school friends alive. Ugh. I love them but now I see HUGE problems ahead.

  4. I was super nervous about drama for the wedding, but the day of you have nothing to fear. There is love in the air and the things people may be harboring against you will just go away because what it comes down to is that two people are uniting in love and in marriage and that is a beautiful thing my friend.



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