Wednesday, October 14, 2009

wedding wish #16 via my guy: my grandmother

Straight from the wishing well of my loverboy. Is it odd to use the word "loverboy" when the post is titled "grandmother"? Hum.

Perhaps my most meaningful wish is that my grandmother will be there. Of course she won’t be in actuality, as she passed in 2007. Growing up she was my most favorite person in the whole world. As a youngster, I spent countless days at her house with my cousins, playing in her big yard, climbing trees, exploring the neat-o things in the attic, watching Red Sox (she was the biggest fan ever!) and eating the most delicious food in the world. I never imagined that she might not live to see me get married. I guess I just always took it for granted that she would be there when I got hitched, with a big smile on her face and a great big hug for me and my bride.

My gal got to meet my grandmother before she passed, which I am grateful for. I’m glad she at least knew the girl that I would be marrying. Before she passed, in one of our last moments together I let her know that I really loved my gal. I didn’t say that we were going to get married, but I think she got the idea. That is comforting to know. I always brought my girlfriends over to meet my grandmother, since I trusted her opinion of them over anyone else. After meeting Jes my grandmother told me that she really liked her, so I know that somewhere she is smiling at us and filled with joy that we will be starting our lives together. My wish is simply that her presence there will be felt. It may be in a bird that flies over or in a breeze that blows at just the right moment. Whatever it may be, I just want her to be there with us…somehow some way. I know she will.

*I had to share this sweet sweet tale. The first time I meant his Grandmother, she said to me with a huge smile: "if he loves you, then I love you too." She gave me a big hug and proceeded to pile my plate HIGH with stuffies and we ate ourselves silly. (stuffies are these yummy clam stuffed things...very New England)


  1. ah... way to get me crying first thing in the morning!

  2. That was a really touching post. I can completely relate to your guys wish to have his grandmother there in spirit. My Grandfather passed away in 2001 and it was hard to come to terms with the fact that he would never see me on my wedding day, or see his great grandchildren.

  3. Aww! The grandma I was closest to passed away a couple months before we were married and this really touches me. <3 I really did feel like she was there with us.



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