Monday, November 23, 2009

decorating with firewood

a backdrop for the wedding ceremony ( this)

a backdrop for the wedding band :-)

If you've got loads of logs at your fingertips...please please rock this look. Wood is so naturally stunning, and these ideas are awesome. Via here.

Thanks for sending this idea Linda!


  1. we have HUGE wood piles in my parents backyard...maybe that would make a nice photo backdrop but I doubt I could ever convince my dad to mess up his perfect pile by moving it to a more scenic spot. =]

  2. Who would have thought a log wall would make such an attractive/unique backdrop? It would be perfect for guests to have fun posing and taking pics for the bride and groom to look at later.

  3. I love, love, love the stacked firewood! For our table numbers I used cut aspen branches and soldered the numbers on...


  4. Loving the firewood - thinking about log type decor at my wedding. Thanks for the ideas.

  5. wow never could have imagined it can look so pretty!



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