Friday, November 6, 2009

garter up

While browsing Green Dream Weddings, I stumbled upon this fun find: garters made out of ribbons that are made from recycled plastic bottles. I just love stuff like that. These pretty garters are Julianne Smith originals.

Though I think garters are kinda cute, and these are pretty and have just the right amount of frilly fun without being tacky ridiculous. However...I can't wrap my mind around the idea of wanting to do this tradition at my wedding. I hate *HATE* when the groom searches under the wedding's just terribly awkward...even for me to we will clearly not participate in that lil festivity (if you are into it - more power to ya...just not my scene.) My Guy loves this tradition. As in, he really wants to do this. Really. Poor guy.

Are you gonna garter?


  1. Bleh, I can appreciate the work that goes into making garters cuter these days, but I'm with you. I think it's a terribly awkward tradition. That part of the reception is usually when I sneak off to "use the bathroom" so I can miss it. It's not happening for us either.

  2. The Garter Girl certainly does beautiful work. Did you see her post on the tradition posted Oct 29? -Go for the garter but skip the toss.

  3. garters are fine and good, but it's weird at a wedding. we should look that up and see how it got started.
    I'm enjoying your ideas on weddings. i think i want to be a mountain bride too. :)

  4. hi there! thanks so much for posting about my collection of eco-friendly garters! i'm so honored!

    i'm with you on the garter tradition - there are lots of different opinions about it. you just have to do what works for you and your groom!! it is your day, you can do whatever you want!

    if you want more advice on the garter, check out my garter 101 series. i talk about all kind of things like the history of the garter and how to make the toss (or not) more fun for everyone. check it out

    thanks again! happy wedding to you!

  5. Definitely that's a no go for me. It's more than awkward... only wish I knew the proper word in english to describe it! (I'm portuguese, so excuse my english mistakes...)
    Apart from that, let's say, weird image of the groom diving under the dress, (and let me make a statement here: that would just be enought for me not wanting it in my wedding) there's another issue for me. So... by definition, they are suposed to be used to hold up stockings, right?? So, if I'm not wearing stockings, what's the point? (going for sandals with heel... don't you just hate the toe showing out from a shoe covered in stocking?)
    I know, I know, they are cute... but not THAT cute.

  6. I'm with you...not a fan of this tradition. But, my guy really wants to do it too.

  7. Yeah, we're at the same standoff. He wants to do it, and I refuse. I mean, our GRANDMOTHERS will be watching!

  8. My sister in law chucked her flowers at me. There was no way, without being entirely rude, that I wasn't getting the flowers. I was terrified that they were going to make the guy who caught the garter put it on me. Where'd that tradition come from?



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