Wednesday, November 18, 2009

men in vests

It could be that my childhood obsession with the movie Newsies has influenced my affection for this look...or it could be that I see vest adorned grooms online more. I dunno...but I'm loving it. I keep hinting about it to My Guy...

It's a casual step down from formal...but it's a huge step up from casual and makes a man look special. Irresistible in fact.

Newsie boys :-)


  1. Me= Newsies obsessed

    I also find the vest look charming. But we are letting the guys buy simple cream pants and white shirts. My guy and I are buying them ties and socks. I really want to get them vests, as well, but worry it won't match correctly with the pants.

    How are you making it work?

  2. If I wasn't getting married in the winter...I'd totally want the guys in this look!

  3. THIS is the look I envision our grooms men in! I love the vest only look. =) I found some pretty good deals on vest/pant sets at department stores too!

  4. I too love the vest. During our wedding my husband started in the full suit and gradually lost pieces of his outfit during the night (may have been the whiskey). First it was the jacket, then it was the vest, then the tie, then the shirt was untucked. The photos crack me up!

  5. I love vests especially with the hat like the "Newsies" look. My groom will be wearing one - can't wait to see him.

  6. I Love Newsies! A favorite from my childhood, and sadly I could still sing along to most of the songs...
    Vests are adorable. I'm hoping my guy would wear one, but i don't know if he is a vest kind of guy. I hope he will rock one!

  7. Agreed. I love the vest look.

  8. I want our groomsmen in the "vest look" sooo bad, but one of the guys is really, really heavy. Do you think it would work??



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