Monday, January 25, 2010

how do you make your flowers do that?

Little did I know that when I wrote this post about flowers confusing the bejesus outta me, I would get such INCREDIBLE feedback. It was probably the best feedback day of my "blog-life" as it answered all of my questions and gave me concrete direction for what to do for our wedding blooms.

So. Welcome to Flower Week.

Abbie sent me a tutorial from Weddingbee about bouquet making. Check it out my friends...very very insightful.

GOTTA get one of these bad boys to strip all the thorns away :-)

ta-da! perfection.


  1. Wow! I can honestly say that's one of the prettiest bouquets I've ever seen. I wonder what the green leaf is at the top?

  2. I'm SO happy that you feel better about making your arrangements/bouquets. I cannot wait to see how beautiful they turn out!

  3. How does that thorn stripper work? Do you just pull it through?

  4. That's an amazing bouquet. Thanks for the tutorial link! I'm steadily building a giant collection of bouquet-making tutorials. I figure there's no such thing as too much information when it comes to making my own bouquet, haha.

  5. That's a great tutorial. In the tutorial comment section I noticed some helpful information from a floral designer named "Bridget" about not using wire too much. Very helpful.

    Years ago, I used to hate all-white bouquets and now I love them. I think the difference is that they now use so much green in them that they look refreshing.

  6. I love your bouquet it looks so organic. Beautiful flowers...



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