Sunday, January 10, 2010

"my husband" slip

*photo of us at our RI engagement party taken by Aunt Polly...who is quite the photog.

Swear to God...

Friday I referred to my fiance as my husband.


In two separate conversations. With two separate groups of people.

It flowed off my tongue so flawlessly that it took a moment for me to catch myself, think about it, and realize that what I had said wasn't correct.

How peculiar.

Has this happened to you?
Did you feel like a freaking idiot?
And sort of love it at the same time?

*Tommy's sister and cousin decorated Christmas ornaments for party favors...stinkin' cute!!

*we were given so many lovely lovely gifts...treasures we'll cherish forever


  1. Yes, this totally happened to me a few times. I think its a good sign. It shows your completely comfortable with the transition and that you are already that committed.

  2. Yep! But only in my head before I stopped myself. It's fun! It's natural. Just think of when you'll be saying it for real.

  3. Haha, this has happened to me before. I get a bit freaked out saying it :)

  4. Yes, it happened all the friggin time....and it still It happens to me now -so its the opposite, I usually call Jon my boyfriend...or I call my friends boyfriend their "husbands" confusing ;-)

  5. I'm still trying to get used to it! I feel all awkward saying "husband". I like hubby much better.

    P.S. you guys are cuuute!

  6. That'll get used to saying husband after a while.

  7. What a wonderful party. That is so cute that you are already thinking of your fiance as your husband. I am still getting comfortable with fiance.

  8. Never happened to me when I was engaged, but funny thing- today while working at a bridal show, I called my husband my fiance! No idea why, but it was probably because I was around so many girls talking about their fiances too! :)

  9. Hilarious! I always feel weird calling him my fiance, like I'm flaunting it, or trying to get people to say 'oohhh you're getting married??', so I just call him my boyfriend, until we're married.

    He, on the other hand, signs our names Phil and Adrienne HisLastName.

  10. I've yet to accidentally call him husband, though I do often call him boyfriend (I plan on him being my boyfriend even after we're married, hopefully!). But over the holidays my mother repeatedly introduced him as "my daughter's husband-wait, fiance". It was pretty funny, particularly at Christmas Eve church, when she twice called him my "husb" as she caught herself partway through. He was totally flattered!

  11. No, I have not done that yet...but my stupid fiance twice referred to me as his girlfriend last week to his friends! And we've been engaged over a year now! Geesh!

  12. I did call him my husband when he was still only my fiance, but on those two occasions, it was in situations where I didn't need to explain my imminent wedding to a stranger - it's like being pregnant and you don't want strangers touching your belly, you just want to pretend you're fat (that sounds so wrong).
    And now four months after the fact, G still says "my girlfriend," but usually only to me, which is even weirder.



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