Friday, February 19, 2010

real life: flagstaff forest

I first saw this wedding at August & After via Glass and Plastic. Isn't it smile-inducing? It's a no-nonsense from the frills that so many weddings of our time fabricate. It just looked like a wildly fun, highly personal and authentic experience for this couple and their comrades.

I love weddings that feel like a breath of fresh air. And since this took place in Flagstaff, you can be sure the air is mountain fresh.


  1. yes i love that simple dress just flowing in the wind!

  2. it was my first inspirational real wedding! that little spot is so cool.

  3. aw! so great!!! I love her sandals. see, it's all about accessories!

  4. RED Balloons. LOVE IT. My "day after" session was there in that gorgeous meadow.

  5. This wedding makes me want to take pictures with balloons.

    That is all.

  6. thank you for posting an awesome wedding with a kilt! my fiance will be rocking one at our shindig



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