Friday, March 5, 2010

bridal shower invitation

sorta like this one from Wedding Paper Divas

A few weeks ago my little sister came to me with a collection of 5 different "bridal shower" invitations that she picked up. All varying in styles and colors...ranging from recycled paper with hand drawn flowers on it (totally my taste and made me happy my sister would know that), to an invitation with a huge wedding dress drawn on it (and there may have even been rhinestones or lace or bows glued on it somewhere?).

She told me to "pick one."

I looked at them for maybe 5 whole minutes (which was a rather long time to gawk at bridal shower invitations in all honesty). I finally pointed to the one that had the huge white dress.

My sister looked at me with huge searching disbelief...

sis - REALLY!?

me - yea, what?

sis - But you hate bridey stuff and this is way bridey!

me - yea, I know, but this seems fun and girly for my bridal shower! *grinning*

sis - does this mean we can get you a crown and a sash too!!! *squealing*

me - noooo thank you. *grin gives way to expression of horror*

*I have a feeling that there will be more times in my life where invitations are used...and recycled paper with hand drawn flowers might be the perfect choice for those occasions - however, cards with big white wedding dresses are a once in a lifetime thing.


  1. they are very cute!!!
    sometimes you just have to give in to the bridey-ness of it all.
    it's almost unavoidable. haha.

  2. bwahaha...

    I have a white dress and tux appliqued on my thank you cards.

    It's was like $4 at Target *shrug*

  3. I am so happy you are getting a shower

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