Sunday, April 11, 2010

*winner* of cameron+kelly studio picture shoot

Congratulations to CHRISTINE
for winning a photo session with

an excerpt from her entry (which made me giggle):
Our son turns 2 in two weeks.  I swear that times goes faster once you have a baby.  In the beautiful whirlwind that was the last two years, I looked back on my son’s pictures and realized I really don’t have any pictures with him.  I have this terrible thought that he will look back when he is older and think, “Man, Dad was so fun.  We did all kinds of stuff together.  I wonder why mom was never with us”.  And I see myself yelling, “Who in the world do you think took the pictures??!”  But never the less, a two year old's only memories will remain in pictures.  (sigh.)

Old Main / NAU Art Museum - Northern Arizona University

 I wanted to feature another wedding of cameron + kelly studios...I love it because it took place at MY ALMA MATER - Northern Arizona University!  Honestly, I didn't even know people could get married there...which makes it a unique venue! 

*sidenote:  I was the Art Historian employed by the Art Museum in Old Main.  I did research on their collection...incredible job...incredible experience...and I worked with Dali's, Picasso's, Miro's and Rivera's...I loved it there - love loved it.  Which is probably why I'm so impressed with Old Main as the backdrop for these nuptials!!


  1. She is beautiful And I love masks.

  2. Yay!!! I am so so so excited! And I have to say... if I knew I could have been married at NAU... man oh man, what a beautiful campus! I love that place.

  3. How creative to do a wedding on a college campus! Never would have thought of that...

    Congrats to Christine! :)

  4. Thanks so much for posting photos of our wedding on your incredible site! NAU was the perfect backdrop for our wedding! Here's a little insight behind our site selection...

    Flagstaff is our home and it was without question that we wanted to celebrate our marriage with our friends and family in this environment. We did not discover the perfect ceremony site until we were playing with our dog Harlie in the lawn (and up and down and up the stairs) of NAU’s Old Main building. Not only do Chris and myself have ties to NAU (as alum), but both of our parents are alumnus along with several extended family members and friends a part of and attending the wedding. We had never heard, nor did any of our vendors that you could utilize this space for this type of event. We both currently work for NAU and questioned whether we could even pull this off. Needless to say, it worked out beautifully, the grounds were well manicured, leaves were beginning to change and we were able to share our story through our vows, the reading and sermon.

    To date, Chris takes university tour groups filled with potential students to Old Main and shares a little of our story and what the university has meant to us.

    Thanks for sharing!



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