Tuesday, June 1, 2010

all you need is love...and laughter!

A many of you know, I am without computer capabilities for a few days.  I'm up in Flagstaff, visiting with our friends and family...leading hikes...drinking wine...and doing a few last minute projects before our Sunday wedding. So a handful of my favorite blogging ladies will be sharing with you their favorite wedding moments.  Today, my friend Ruthy, of Discovery Street, is sharing a part of her ceremony that will surely make you smile! (Check out her blog, it's one of my favorites...she and her husband sold all of their possessions and quit their jobs to travel the world after their nuptials...their adventures are amazing!)

Check out my bridesmaid's  faces!

What would you do if your husband to be blurted out laughing hysterically and uncontrollably and didn't stop for about 60 seconds in the middle of your ceremony?  Oh, and did I mention the big booger that he snorted out onto his face in the midst of the laughter?  How about if your future father in law (who was officiating the wedding) gave the sweetest benediction wishing Andy and Caroline a very happy marriage?  Interestingly enough, my name is not Caroline.

  Andy, trying to get a hold of his laughter!

I know most people would be horrified, but I (we) laughed then (uncontrollably) and I laugh now remembering my wedding day and knowing that one of the most memorable things my guest (and I) recall about my wedding was the laughter and joy.  It's been about 3 months since we've tied the knot, and since our wedding day we have been together for almost 24 hours a day (literally).  We decided that we were going to quit our jobs, sell everything we owned and travel as much and as long as we could until the money ran out after we got hitched.  We often ask ourselves how we can enjoy spending so much time together especially knowing that travel can bring out the worst in people. 

I honestly think it's because we laugh so easily and so much together; we can be complete nerdy McNerderson's and goof off and act like kids.  Being goofy and acting like a kid came pretty naturally for him--he was a youth pastor and "played"  all day for his job.  Me on the other hand, I am the typical only child--straight and narrow and serious, and I didn't know that I'd ever feel comfortable being silly with someone.  But how can I help it?  He makes me laugh...I mean hard...the kind of laughing that hurts so bad that you can't breath and your gasping and snorting and holding on to your sides because your abs feel like they might explode kinda laughing. 

I love that laughter is what so many people remembered about my wedding and that our marriage has so much laughter in it.  

What did you remember most about your wedding?  Or if you're soon to be married, what memories do you hope people leave with?


  1. OMG! Caroline doesn't even sound like Ruthy! How wonderful that both families could laugh all around. Like you I remember promising myself that I would be happy no matter what--happy to be marrying by BFF; happy to spend some rare time with my family; happy to throw a kick-ass party. I remember nothing being able to shake that happiness. I can;t even remember what might have gone wrong. It's so refreshing to see so many thoughtful women countering the whole bridzilla caricature.

  2. on of the things i remember was taking off my shoes mid ceremony - who knew that they wouldn't make it??

    (btw, these mishaps are HILARIOUS!)



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