Monday, June 21, 2010

CSN + flatware = happy newlyweds

By now many of you know that Tommy and I have moved to New York.  We didn't move with much, and we left lots of our goods back in Phoenix with my sisters.  I'm clearly on the prowl for some sweet new stuff like bathroom vanities, rugs and lamps.

Except there are a couple BASIC items that we forgot to add to our registry, and we didn't pack....things that surely take precedence over the fun stuff.  Namely....Flatware.  We forgot to register for it.  We did have some pieces, but left them behind.  And now, well, we wish we had them, because we're currently eating from plastic picnic utensils.

CSN to the rescue.  CSN is a huge online shopping experience with 200+ specialty shops to choose from.  I did a quick search for flatware and literally tons of hits came up.  They have about a zillion rad patterns and quantities to choose from. 

 I'm a huge fan of pretty hammered metal handles, so I'm pretty sure that's what we are going to end up going with...yet I'm loving the smooth simple modern handles too.  How does one select such a thing!?? Or quantity?   How many should we get??  8 sets?

I will let you know how this goes.  I'm excited to use something other than plastic sporks!!!


  1. oh! the last set is my fav! we didnt register for flatware either. we have all this miss- matched stuff. But TONS of it! Maybe i just need to chunk it all and get that last set!

  2. Love them all. We have ones like the second set and love them.

    Dying for some re-caps!

  3. I'm laughing over here... why? Because we bought hammered flatware. Love it! It dresses up and down easily (sounds funny saying that). I'd love to have a gold set, too, though... but that's a pipe dream. We bought 12 sets, but that's because we have always had 12 place settings... comes from having big families. ;)

  4. So glad that you made it to NY safely! I can't wait to see wedding, honeymoon, & moving pictures!

  5. If they are sold as sets of 8 place settings, I'd get one set of eight. If they are sold by the place setting, consider getting 10-12.

    Since you have 12 place settings of dishes, the same number of flatware makes sense. Not that you are necessarily going to seat that many people for dinner in your apartment, but it gives you to enough to have several meals worth of dishes and flatware in the dishwasher and still not have to reach for the plastic spork.

    The patterns also go out of stock faster than one can imagine, so buy what you think you'll need 5 years from now.

  6. Just make sure you get 18/10 stainless because it's a better grade. You might want to see what has. I always look at the reviews there before buying. In fact, you might want to look at Overstock for all sorts of items - from bedding to lamps and even stuff like sofas or futon sofas.

  7. CSN is really great.
    The second set is my favorite.




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